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On today's Super Sale- The things that make us smile, feel good, get all sexy, and just feel better.

$1 deal- Hypnosis Download- If You Had the Guts! Do you need the  guts to do something amazing? Need courage? Want to be unstoppable? Get this $29 download for just $1 today only.

$1 deal- Whispers of Whimsy- Download.  27 Minutes of a Hypnotic Whisper Experience. Instant Download. Aaaaaah. Come on in.  Shhhhh.... We must be very quiet. Melt into this blissful whisper. $29 value. 

Hypnotic Bracelets of Change- The experience you have in your Hypnotic Meditation (MP3 download) is embedded to the look and feel of the bracelet. A Beautiful Gift! Everytime you see it or touch it on your wrist, you trigger the message. Gift boxed.

RED RECHARGE  80% off.- was ($14.90)  TODAY ONLY $2.98 
Order several, for great gifts. 

SACRED SILENCE  80% off.- was ($14.90) TODAY ONLY $2.98
Order several, for great gifts. 

TREE OF LIFE JASPER 83% off.- was ($29.90) TODAY ONLY $4.98

AIR LOUNGER- The instant inflating bed! Perfect for relaxing, meditating, watching an outdoor movie, floating on a lake, camping, even a bed at the airport! Only 2.5 lbs.
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Stop Smoking CD set
- The BEST way to quit is here. No cravings, just happiness and freedom! 
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Lose Weight! - Weight Loss Hypnosis CD SET- THE most Powerful and Instant Hypnotherapy in the World, this will change everything. 8 Hypnosis Audio sessions. 
50% off- Was $39.90, TODAY ONLY $19.50

Chill Out- End Anger, CD. Feel Peaceful. Hypnosis method is amazing and works fast. Really, you can stop being an angry person. I will hypnotize you to feel the bliss. 
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Remote Seduction CD- Hypnotic Training for Psychic Seduction, Powerful and Amazing. Fun way to create connection, intention and romance! 
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Ultimate Orgasm & Dreamgasm CD- Erotic Hypnosis to Enjoy Sex More, Awaken Your Erotic Dreams and Fantasies 
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Hypno Mojo Mega for Men- DVD- Four video sessions, Hypnosis help to enhance sex drive, Restore Libido.  Erotic Massage video, with hypnotic suggestions and voice.
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Timeline Journey CD set- Life Changing Hypnotherapy takes you on a healing journey of your past, then a future journey to create what you really want. Powerful. For real. 
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Hypnotize Your Lover...Deeper. The BOOK. Juicy, fun and full of ideas and scripts for some erotic fun. 
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Luck of Your Life- Online program, download each hypnosis audio and start changing your luck. Learn what luck really is, why others are so lucky, how you can change your luck. 
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Golf Hypnosis- Master The Mind Game, CD set! Get strong, accurate and powerful. Affects all aspects of your game. Achieve Hypnotic Greatness!
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 Think and Grow Rich- Audio Book, read by Wendi. I read it aloudNOW with BONUS meditation sessions after every chapter!
The Hypnotic Meditations are here---
NOW I have added 15 Full Length Hypnotic Meditation Sessions, each one focuses on the specific message in the chapter.
60% off- Was $49.90, TODAY ONLY $19.90