Free Hypnosis Downloads

Have you been hypnotized?
Do you wonder if you can be hypnotized?
What about Self Hypnosis, can anyone get good at it?,
Where do I start?

Wendi, help me!

Let's start with a little education and a nice easy hypnosis session.
This is the Hypnotic Journey. You will learn a lot about hypnosis, your brain and how your can manipulate your mind and body to make awesome things happen.

Get the hypnotic Journey as my gift to you, right here-
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SELF HYPNOSIS- The HypnoGenius course
Here is a nifty 3 part course to make you really great at self hypnosis.
Each section teaches you how, then you listen to the audio to take you through the steps.
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BECOME A MASTER of all things hypnotic
DVD- How to Hypnotize Anyone - see it here
DVD- Self Hypnosis 1, Power for your mind-  see it here
DVD- Self Hypnosis 2, the Power Within- see it here
Online Video Training- How To Hypnotize, the 12 hours of Hypnosis training from my live seminar. Instant access. - see it here
Online Video- The Big O! Oh yea.. this is a training to make your love life smokin hot. It is for adults only. - See it here