BodyBuns- Air Lounger

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The New BodyBuns - It's like a fluffy, puffy bun that you slip your body into. 
Instantly Inflates with swoops of air. 

The BodyBun is an instantly inflating lounge bag that simply inflates in seconds by waving the air pockets back and forth a few times and crimping the open edge.

BUY THE NEW 2nd GENERATION with head support from us! The Square shape on the head area makes ALL the difference.


Only weighs 2.5 pounds! Carry it anywhere.

BodyBuns Air Lounger

They are HERE!  Pick up in BOULDER, or have it shipped to you directly.
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(excluding Hawaii and Alaska)

Tarzan Love BodyBuns! 

We will show you the best way to fill it in less than one minute, with ease! We have the secret to the quick fill technique.

ONLY 140 left, get yours now.

Shipped from Colorado, USA, fast shipping. 
MAKE SURE you get this 2nd generation version with headrest. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it stay inflated?
About 4-6 hours. You can tighten easily. No need to re-inflate. To provide more air tension - simply unclip the enclosure side, giving it one twist tighter, and clip it closed.

Yup you can float and play and fall in the water. You will have fun in the water. But remember to dry thoroughly before putting it back in the bag. Also remember - don't be dumb. Oceans of fun means certain death as waves, wind and riptides carry you out to sea. And sharks. There are definitely sharks. Probably best to use in a pool, or shallow lake. 

Max weight
Three people about the max. But we had 4 semi naked people on there and it was no problem.

Blow away
Get up, walk away and wait for a stiff wind to blow your BodyBuns bag over to someone else. OR be smart and tether it to the ground or a tree and be proud of your forthought. 

Sleep on it
Yes indeed. Sleep on it anywhere. Camping, at the airport at midnight, at a friends house, at the music festival. Sleep deep. And by morning you might realize that you are a bit closer to the ground, but no less comfortable. Still chilling. 

Size and weight 
Uninflated size is 88.5in x 37.4in and it weighs 2.8 pounds.

Most terrain is fine. Sand, rocks, gravel, grass. This is made out of some crazy strong parachute nylon that is called RIP STOP for a reason. It does not rip, unless you do something you should not. 

You have 14 days from purchase to return your BodyBuns. It must be in NEW condition and only opened to look at it and decide if it's right for you. If you use it outside and get dirt on it, or grass or fluids or anything, we will not refund you. If it tears, it is not refundable. You abused it, it tore and normal use will not result in a tear.
If you decide it is too hard to inflate, you cannot return it. It is EASY to inflate if you watch OUR instructions because we know a thing or two about getting air into this thing fast. Other videos from other silly people do not show you the proper way to inflate. 

By purchasing this product you agree that you hold harmless the company BodyBuns and all employees, team members, owners, etc. We are not responsible for injury of any kind. Stay away from lightening storms, go inside. Don't go out on the ocean, unless you like getting blown out to sea. Don't jump on it. Don't ride it down a sand dune. (wait, that sounds really fun actually) Don't trip over it while inflating it. Absolutely no guarantee of safety or responsibility is given, implied or suggested. Use at your own risk. Thank you for understanding.