Bracelet- Tree of Life Jasper, hypnotic love

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Tree of Life- Jasper beads

1. Begin with the Hypnotic Meditation that brings you to a place of inner silence.
2. Download the MP3- "Tree of Life"
3. Listen to it, undisturbed... and feel the message move you.
4. Touch the tree emblem on the bracelet, feel the meaning and connect it with your Strength, Growth and Grounding.

This is an experience that might make your day a little better, your outlook more positive and give you a constant feeling of strength.

If you are ready to embody the TREE OF LIFE, just know that everything you are about to experience is going to give you a new energy, a powerful and content feeling, end your fears and give you a new connection with nature, people, community and keep you grounded in love.

As you close your eyes and listen, the Tree of Life will connect you with a renewed strength.
Any time, any place, at any moment where you need to remember that you are all that the Tree of Life represents.

Your mind, soul and body will connect with the strength of the sturdy trunk and the roots that reach into the energy of the earth.
Your heart will feel the pulse of the life of nature, the deep wisdom of renewal and the gift that you receive from the sun, the breeze and the rain.
Your soul will feel gratitude for what you give as you nourish your budding leaves of change. You connect with your purpose as you feel all that the Tree of Life represents for you.

The meaning of your Tree of Life will be gently pulsing through you with every breath you breathe.

What will it mean for you?

Find strength when you need it. Connect with the earth's energy.

Feel the depth of your love and you find meaning in the enduring Tree of Life energy.

Renew your hope, dreams and growth as your awareness of the seasons in your life bring renewal.

The hypnotic meditation will guide you through a powerful and lasting change that rests deep in your soul.

Just A Glance...

The best part?
Every time you see the Tree of Life emblem on your bracelet, even for just an unconscious glance, you are reminded to take a breath and reconnect with all that the tree embodies in you.

As you feel it on your wrist, your inner mind is connecting with the power and the history of the Tree of Life.

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When you touch it, you instantly reconnect with what you are, what you believe and how you love the strength you have to be alive, energized and powerful. You feel it.

The Hypnotic Message...

As you listen to the hypnosis session, you enter a meditative state where you allow your inner mind to settle into a state of exploration.
You will be guided to experience a unique hypnosis session that puts you INTO the Tree of Life and give you an experience unlike anything you have ever imagined. During your session you will wear the bracelet or hold it in your hand. The Jasper beads, the smooth tree emblem, the earthy smoothness of the colors in the gemstones, all creates a deep and lasting connection for you. And that is the start of something that might just change you.

Tell your friends about Jewels Of Change.
Better yet, give them the gift of THE TREE OF LIFE.

Give a gift of love to a friend

Each bracelet is in a gift box, with a card inside for your friend to download the MP3 instantly.

When your friend says "Thank you. This changed me" just give them a hug. Embrace the TREE OF LIFE strength and energy that you share.

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