Weight Release- Hypnotherapy CD program

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Weight Release ~ CD set

The most amazing and powerful hypnotherapy

program in the world.

Are you frustrated with your dieting efforts?

Have you tried every diet and workout program?

Do you eat more food every time you think about going on a diet?

Do you binge, and sabotaging yourself at every turn?

It really is all in your mind.

Fix your mind and you will lose the weight!


There is a good reason that Wendi's Weight Release is the Number 1 Best Selling Hypno Diet program in the world!

Why do people get such amazing results with the hypnosis for weight release?


Thank You. I look forward to receiving my new tapes. I use the first weight loss ones and have lost 21 pounds. The key is to use them daily not hit and miss. Since I became diligent I have lost that since the last week of January. I don't think of it as a diet because I cannot be on a low carb or any printed diet. I am eating so much healthier. I am off one of my diabetes medications as per my doctor. My target blood sugar level is always on target or below first thing in the morning and all through the day. I also wear a size 14 instead of 18 now and don't have to go to the fat store! I go to Curves 5-6 days a week where you would never find me exercising. So it is the healthy part of the life style that makes me so excited. I love Wendi's voice.



Rethink Weight Loss

Learn to be thin from the inside out. Hypnosis will find and release the causes of your issues with weight. Please experience hypnotherapy to really understand how you MUST resolve your inner issues before any diet will work.

And what about keeping it off? I have the solution. Hypnosis changes the deepest core issues with food, permanently. You will be thin- within!

FINALLY! Hypnosis that really attacks the cause of emotional eating habits.These eight sessions will release cravings, create a belief that you have what it
takes to succeed and put YOU in control of your eating.

These Hypnosis sessions raise your metabolism, burn body fat, even switches "on" the fullness switch sooner.

How does Hypnosis affect cravings and hunger?

I automatically choose healthier foods and I can't wait to have my tuna at lunch today. I went downstairs to our company cafeteria for breakfast this morning and I was not even tempted by the sausage and bacon. For a snack this afternoon I am craving a banana and some skim milk. Is that insane or what???!!! Thank you SO MUCH for the free sessions and for the tools I needed to change my life!!!


Eight Hypnotherapy sessions in this package

A single download with eight different sessions

Power of Thought

Will teach you how important it is to talk to your body with the right words to get the results that you want. One thing that I notice with most of my clients, is the way that they are programming themselves for failure. They don't even realize that their words are like hypnotic suggestions that actually reinforce failure! This is one of the first things that must change if you are going to succeed. You will understand the power of your inner voice after listening to this session.

Body Sculpting

Will change your internal image of your body, so your subconscious mind will accept your new shape.

Parts Therapy

Will help you find out why you sabotage your diet and willpower. There is often a PART of us that wants to lose the weight and a PART of us that needs to use weight as a CONTROL issue, or to protect us in some way. When these parts are in CONFLICT the internal struggle can be intense. It leaves you feeling powerless and helpless. Once the PARTS are resolved and working in harmony, the mind can easily be trained to love nutritious healthy foods and to have a healthy lifestyle, not just another diet.

Set Point Release

Will change your body's set point for your weight... this can be a real breakthrough. This session actually takes your mind into the future to create a new maximum set point at each point in your future. Your mind will continually adjust and adapt your body to follow these new maximum set points for weight.

Metabolism Increase

Will actually increase the rate at which your body burns fat. You will feel your energy level rise and notice a change in your mental focus.

Wisdom Light

This is a spiritual journey that can have many different effects. Find out what it means for you personally to take your journey to the source of wisdom and to listen to the wisdom of your higher self. This tape is also great when you are feeling stressed or out of control, and need a break. Some of my clients tell me that this session feels like a new journey every time they use it. New wisdom and lessons are learned every time!

Includes the very popular sessions, "LOVE TO EXERCISE" and "IN CONTROL".

LOVE TO EXERCISE session is my favorite.

You will really be eager and excited to exercise. You will feel excitement and joy whenever you think about working out, and you will teach your body to crave movement and become strong and lean.

IN CONTROL session will reduce your appetite and put you back in control. This session works almost instantly. You will feel positive and focused, and easily turn down those fattening and sugary foods. Many people tell me that this one make it all easy!

That's 10 Sessions in all!

Booklet in PDF format included!


I  wanted to take a moment out of both our busy schedules to let you know how pleased I am with your CDs'. I have often had sleepless nights, racked with RA pain, which of course put me in a bad mood at work. Which of course caused me to have a short fuse. Since I have been listening to the diet CD and the health CD I have: 1. been more in control 2. have lost 5  lbs 3. been pleased with myself and 4. most importantly been able to sleep. Thank you very much.

In the very near future I will be ordering the 5 minute nap CD's - I am sure it will be as much help.  Once again thank you.....


Dear Wendi,

I have been wanting to write you for  few days now because I am so thrilled with the Weight Release program. I have been struggling with over-eating issues for far too long. Even though I exercise daily and well, I have still been battling with overweight issues to the point that I have become a real “expert at weight loss” only to face what seemed like and endless struggle to “do what I know”.  The “In Control” was the key to synchronizing my subconscious with my very conscious desire to simply and effortlessly “do the right thing” by eating right amounts of the health foods I’ve always loved. In just 2 1/2 weeks using your program I have released 11 very stubborn pounds and ended my food addiction, caffeine addiction and sugar addiction. I now quite naturally choose to eat smaller meals, they are largely based on healthy fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, lean healthy proteins, whole grains and nuts. I cannot say enough good things about the ease and speed in which my subconscious and conscious minds have been harnessed to meet my strong desire to have a strong, lean and healthy body. I use the program at night and again in the morning when I awaken. I love it.


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