Bracelet- Sacred Silence, Hypnotic deep peace

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The Breath of Sacred Silence

Jewels of Change

1. Begin with the Hypnotic Meditation that brings you to a place of inner silence.
2. Download the MP3- "A Breath of Silence"
3. Listen to it, undisturbed... and feel the message move you.
4. Touch the words on the bracelet, feel the meaning and connect it with your Breath Of Silence.

Finding silence in a busy world can mean many things.
As you close your eyes and listen, you will find your personal meaning for silence in your life. When you find your need and connection with silence, you will then breathe it in and connect it with the word on your bracelet. SILENCE.

Your mind, soul and body will connect with the feeling of your personal SILENCE and the presence of the bracelet when you wear it. The meaning will be gently pulsing through you with every breath you breathe.

What will it mean for you?

Perhaps you need to silence your mind. Stop the intrusion of busy thoughts, persistent worry and negative words.

Maybe you are ready to find meaningful silence in conversations and be present and aware of your connection with others.

For you, the need for silence might mean putting down your phone, walking away from your laptop and going for a meditative walk.

Maybe you will find that your soul craves silence and you seek it out. Not just the absence of sound, but the invitation of silence that brings peace to your soul. Real peace.

The desire for Silence might mean that you experience yourself talking less, freeing yourself from the need to fill up the silence with chatter and noise. Your bracelet reminds you and guides you to gently let go of chatter and really hear and experience what others are sharing.

In Silence you may choose to find guidance and wisdom for a difficult problem, or ask for a better direction to create more peace that you need right now.

Just A Glance...

Every time you see the bracelet, even for just an unconscious glance, you are reminded to take a breath and reconnect with your personal message of Silence.

As you feel it on your wrist, your inner mind is renewing your connection with the true wisdom of Silence.

When you touch it, feel the letters in the word, each letter seems to trigger a sensation that sends waves of calm from your head to your toes. You feel the silence that grounds you, calms you and saves you.

The Hypnotic Message...

As you listen to the hypnosis session, you enter a meditative state where you allow your inner mind to settle into a state of exploration.
You will be guided to find your need for SILENCE and discover what your deepest need is within that silence. During your session you will wear the bracelet or hold it in your hand. Let the feel of the leather, the word, the texture and the meaning create a deep and lasting connection for you. And that is the start of something that might just change you.

Tell your friends about Jewels Of Change.
Better yet, give them the gift of SILENCE.

Each bracelet is in a gift box, with a card inside for your friend to download the MP3 instantly.

When your friend says "Thank you. This changed me" just give them a hug. Embrace the silence that you share.

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