Change Your Mind... Change Your Life

It is true. Most anything you want to change about your life is easier than you think. Learning hypnosis might be the most valuable thing you ever experience!

I'm Wendi Friesen. Over 20 years ago I began studying Hypnotherapy and it not only changed my life dramatically, but it allowed me to use my creativity and expertise to help others find fast solutions to some big life problems. As I worked with clients for many years, I realized that the work I was doing could help people everywhere by creating programs that lead you through a therapy process, using the very best hypnotherapy strategies to achieve change very quickly.

Over 250 programs that really will change your life.

If you need help, and you are frustrated, worried, angry, hopeless, addicted or just plain stuck... I can help. What you will experience is something much more than a typical hypnosis session. My programs are successful by using a combination of methods. You will be healing your issues, I will lead you into your future where you are strong and healthy, you will be creating new skills by embedding your ability in your subconscious, even overcome serious dysfunctional personality issues. When you release your past nad your fears, you can start finding your passion, living your life with confidence and use the fabulous power you have in your brain and in your subconscious mind.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

My research into hypnosis taught me to develop programs that used the scientific discoveries of how our brain and mind works. This lead me to help addicts, even the hard core drug addicts who had given up hope, and show them a different way of stopping their addictions. What I discovered was BEYOND anything I could have imagined. People who had tried everything, failed repeatedly and lost all hope of ever recovering, were getting clean and sober. And NOT in 30 days, but in just 3 or 4 sessions with me. I was stunned and excited. This could be the missing piece for addiction treatment.

I moved forward with my research into addiction, combining this with the science of how the neuroplasticity of the brain can be changed, and worked on finding the exact way that change an addict's brain to eliminate cravings, trauma, relapse and fears of being an addict forever. Now, you can experience this for yourself (or someone you care about) and get your life back. My Addiction Freedom program is a powerful, private and simple way to have real freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.


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