Bracelet- Red Recharge, hypnotic commitment

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Red Recharge

1. Begin with the Hypnotic Meditation that brings you to a place of inner silence.
2. Download the MP3- "Red Recharge"
3. Listen to it, undisturbed... and feel the message move you.
4. Touch the tree emblem on the bracelet, feel the meaning and connect it with your Strength, Growth and Grounding.

This is an experience that might make your day a little better, your outlook more positive and give you a constant feeling of strength.

This is an experience that connects the color RED with your desire to RECHARGE a commitment in your life.

You Tried...

There are things in your life you wanted to change, things you were really ready to let go of, things that no longer served you. You tried. And you did what you could. But still you were not able to change it.

This Red Recharger bracelet will do it for you unconsciously.

As you close your eyes and listen, you will hear the meditative session take you deep to find the thing that you really do want to change, or let go of. It will be personal to you, something you are ready to give new energy to and make it happen this time.

The RECHARGE happens when you find out what it is that you want to change, then you recharge it with love. What will it mean if you really do change this? Who will you be if you let go of the thing that holds you back? What will you LOVE about yourself when you are free from this?

The RED- during your hypnosis session you will hear me saying "The Color Red" and how it will affect you. Once you have identified and embraced the change you want, we will connect the joy and bliss of having that change, triggered by the color red. Every time you see that red, touch that smooth soft red, notice the feel of that color red on your wrist, you will deeply and unconsciously create that change with ease. Smooth, yes?

There's more.
The links on the bracelet- this session will help you feel the links on the left side of the tree as your past, the links on the right as your future.
While in trance you explore what you want to let go of from your past. Old behavior, habit, belief, personality issue. Then I will guide you to feel those links on the left side and what they represent. Then, you embed what you do want, who you ARE becoming and what your future is now with the links on the right side. As you run your finger onto the links on the right side you RECHARGE your commitment and all the love we have connected with this change.

This Makes Sense...

Can't wait to hear how this changes you.

Your mind, soul and body will connect with the color RED on your bracelet and in your life with every thing you see.

The meaning of RED and the LOVE that it brings will be gently pulsing through you with every breath you breathe.

What will it mean for you?

You can let go with ease. The past is easily flowing away and the future is now.

The feeling of RECHARGING your commitment will give you a surge of energy, allowing the ease of change.

The smooth, soft feeling of the links connects with your awareness that you are HERE NOW, no longer holding guilt, blame or anger about your past. Touch the links on the right side and get a tingle of warmth that recharges you to make this change with EASE.

The hypnotic meditation will guide you through a powerful and lasting change that rests deep in your soul.

What will you let go of next...

The best part?
You can use this process to make MORE changes. Listen again and every time you find a new aspect of your life that you are ready to let go of, and recharge the commitment to be who you want to be... the person you love being.

When you touch it, you instantly reconnect with who you are, what you believe and how you love the strength you have to be alive, energized and powerful. You feel it.

The Hypnotic Message...

As you listen to the hypnosis session, you enter a meditative state where you allow your inner mind to settle into a state of exploration.
You will be guided to experience a unique hypnosis session that uncovers your desire to change. During your session you will wear the bracelet or hold it in your hand. The smooth red satin, the silvery smooth links, the tree emblem... it all make sense for you. And that is the start of something that might just change you in ways you never expected.

Tell your friends about Jewels Of Change.
Better yet, give them the gift of RED RECHARGE.

Each bracelet is in a gift box, with a card inside for your friend to download the MP3 instantly.

When your friend says "Thank you. This changed me" just give them a hug. Embrace the RED RECHARGE strength and energy that you share.

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