Self Hypnosis

How to hypnotize yourself.

You want to change, you try to change, you wish you knew how to make it work.

Well, take heart, here's a start.

We all want to make a really good decisions and stick to them with all our might, while we wish and hope it will work this time. And then, lo and behold, the old patterns emerge and we fall right back into our old behaviors and habits.
Well, if making a resolution, or a commitment isn't enough to create permanent change, what is it going to take? How do we break free from the beliefs and thoughts that run amok in our consciousness? Take heart, there is a way. Actually there are a few ways, here is one.

Spend some time imagining that you already have success at what you desire. If you are going to stop smoking, imagine as vividly as possible, that you are already a non-smoker. This may sound too simple, but it really has an impact on your mind/body connection if you do it right.

First- relax. Get quiet and still. Just before sleep or first thing in the morning upon awakening are excellent times.
Second- Create every detail you can in this future moment. The colors, the emotion, the smells, the physical sensations. Make it real! Your subconscious does NOT know the difference between a real and an imagined event.
Third- Put yourself into this future moment and feel it as a NOW moment. What resources do you now have as a result of your new decision? What other positive changes have happened in the process?
Fourth- Look back at the past from this future moment. Notice what it feels like to know that the old behavior is in the past. Allow yourself to feel as if that decision was made long ago and you are comfortable with this new lifestyle.
Fifth- Do it again. Spend just five minutes once or twice a day in this state with this new belief and it will begin to plant the seeds necessary to create change. It will help to quiet the self-defeating inner voice that used to remind you that you couldn't do it, and it will begin to make changes in your physical body that will support the change.

For instance- Let's say you want to get a better job, promotion, or have more success in your business. You imagine that you already have it and you take notice of the resources you have in this future moment. You may begin to notice a talent or skill you have that will lend itself to this new job. You might find that your personal life is more peaceful and fulfilling with the pride and financial reward of your new position. When you look back at the past, you become aware of an important move you made that created this opportunity.

You experience your body taking on a new posture, standing tall, confident, sure of yourself. You might notice yourself speaking in public with confidence and spontaneity. And since it has already happened in your subconscious, your body responds now by walking taller, speaking more clearly and confidently, remembering details and names.

This air of confidence and competence leaves a lasting impression on those who you are in contact with, creating more opportunity, better rapport, and ultimately the success you imagined!

Now, imagine that you don't do the mental process. And nothing changes. And your thought processes stay the same and your body and mind keeps you stick in the same rut, and you get to find out once again that you can't keep your resolutions and you are just basically a loser. And then you get to stay stuck right where you are. Imagine that. (but not for too long, O.K.?) Now, doesn't five minutes twice a day sound like a small price to pay for the potential to create change?

I have worked with many people who are extremely successful and those who are constantly down on their luck. They have something in common and I will tell you what it is.
The all see their future vividly and clearly.
They believe that their future will unfold just as they picture it, feel it, sense it.
The future seems very real and it is held in place by a firm belief.
The belief is reinforced several times a day in the form of a picture, image, feeling, sensation.

Here's  what decides if they succeed or fail. The difference is- The CONTENT of the future image.

The person who stays stuck says to themselves:
Nothing ever works out right.
I just keep making the same mistakes over and over.
Nobody is interested in what I have to say.
I feel like the world owes me, I've paid my dues.
My luck is just bad.
I get too nervous to talk to in front of people.

The person who is ready to move forward says:
I am getting better every day.
People are interested in me and like what I have to say.
I am confident and competent.
I do well in challenging situations.
I deserve financial success and the rewards it brings.
I feel strong and healthy.

So, maybe a few minutes a day is worth it to create positive change. Take the time to create new patterns in your mind and give yourself a future image that is exciting, compelling and pleasurable. This is the key to FREEDOM!


You want to change
You want to change
You want to change
here's a start.