Learn Hypnosis

How to Learn Hypnosis

Learning hypnosis will help you with many areas of life. If you are struggling with insomnia, or you have a big test coming up and you are fearful, if you are getting ready to fly and have a fear of flying, if your child wets the bed or you have any issue that you need to change fast, hypnosis may be the answer. Where to start?

There are many great hypnosis videos, scripts and training courses online. The study of hypnosis is extensive, and covers many topics. There are experts who will give you the training to get you started, schools you an attend in person, and books and videos that will teach you in your home. Not all training is good, and some hypnotists create a course that is gleaned from their limited knowledge and little real experience.

Maybe you want to learn some techniques for becoming a Hypnotherapist. Perhaps you want to learn hypnosis to help others with some difficult problems. You may want to use hypnosis to get off anxiety medication or stabilize some personality issues, like anger, or study skills, or procrastination.

For over 20 years I have seen miraculous results with clients, and even more worldwide success with well over 100,000 people who used my videos and hypnosis programs. It does seem too good to be true at times. It just makes no sense that some of life's really hard issues can be solved in such a short time. But now that we know so much about the neuroplasticity of the brain and we know how to adjust the brain's response to old fears or habits, we really can create some miraculous results.


Getting Started

You can learn the basics of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy from my videos. The DVDs have basic training, advanced hypnotherapy training and some specific uses for hypnosis such as Childbirth or Drug and Alcohol Addiction or enhancing your sensual and romantic life.

Here are a few suggestions. 

Self Hypnosis Mastery - 2 hours

Self Hypnosis 2- The Power Within 2 hours

How to Hypnotize Anyone 2 hours

Advanced Techniques of Hypnotherapy 2 hours

Stage Hypnosis 4 shows from Wendi

Childbirth Hypnosis Video Classes
4 classes and four CDs

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) training video
One hour


How To Hypnotize Anyone Seminar-
3 days of training from my live seminar.
Become a Master Hypnotist
3 day Live Seminar on DVDs will teach you the art of hypnosis.
This live seminar has been edited from 20 hours down to 12 hours, to give you the most important content, in a fast paced way.
Proven Techniques anyone can learn! Simple Step by step Instruction! Learn the most progressive techniques from the most creative hypnotist.
ONLINE ACCESS- instant download

DVD - Advanced Techniques Hypnosis A
dvanced Techniques of Hypnotherapy - 2 hours


How to Spot a Liar - DVD How to Spot a Liar
Become an expert at Body Language