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Seven days of Hypnosis to a Luckier You
What does Good Luck mean to you?

Is it about beating the system?
Or trying to get something for nothing?

Or is it a state of mind that is created from integrity, love,
desire and joy that brings good things to you easily?

Can you change your luck? What if you could get luckier in just one week?
Are you willing to find out just how lucky you can get?

If you are plagued by bad luck, or feel that everyone else seems to get all the breaks in life, this 7 day program will change everything. You won’t even need that rabbit’s foot.


People have been listening to my CHANGE YOUR LUCK cd for years. It is pretty basic stuff… good hypnosis mixed with new expectations and programming your brain to see yourself as immensely lucky. It has been a best seller for years. But it is just one 20 minute recording!
I just heard from a man who still uses it several times a week told me it has cured his depression. Wow.

Here’s the deal. If that one little recording has changed 1000′s of lives and has given people an entirely new mindset, then I feel I owe it to you all to give you some new mind altering, luck enhancing work.
I made that recording many years ago. Since then, my fascination and education with brain science, thought processing, chemical states, epigenetics and the ability to use hypnosis to affect you, well, it has grown by leaps and bounds from that little recording to Change Your Luck.

Now, let’s get started.

Can you change your luck?

Can you become one of the luckiest people in the world?

Is it all perception, or do people really become super lucky?

  • When you use hypnosis you change the physiology in your brain.
  • Building new Neural networks, synapses, chemicals that flood your body.
  • You even change the receptor sites on your cells.
  • You feel the massive shift that happens in your miraculous subconscious mind.
  • And it affects every aspect of your physical body

But then there is also the ENERGY of thought. You know there is a lot of science that supports that Thoughts are Things. Your thoughts have an energy that creates negative or positive events in your life, your health and your entire reality.

What if you really could make this change happen in just 7 days.
Not just a change in your mood or your perception, but an actual change in the amount of good luck that comes your way.

I am pretty sure we can do this one in a big way.
I want you to promise to stay in touch HERE in the comments below.
I promise I will stay in touch and read every post.

You will be a part of a collective experience that goes to the core of what luck is, how we change it and what we create when we are in the FLOW!

All 7 Hypnotherapy sessions are included.
Listen To One per day.
Be committed to just 20 minutes a day.
Find out just how lucky you might become.


Here’s the deal

The program is only $97. (7 full sessions)

You can get it for only


Password will be in the download document after you make your purchase

Description of your Seven Days for the Luck of Your Life!

Day 1- Introduction, The Club

Kick Ass Luck Club-
Join the club of the super lucky. What if you could experience a secret club where the luckiest people meet? This club is filled with people who have embodied the energy of being lucky, including the integrity, optimism, excitement and joy of living lucky. You will be welcomed in and absorb the wisdom and energy of some very lucky people.

Day 2- Bad Luck Crusher

Bad Luck Crusher
Some people are just destined to fail, doomed to make mistakes, always eager to sabotage their potential for good luck. Is that you? Maybe you have some subtle negativity and judgement that prevents you from bringing luck into your life. In this session you will look for it, accept it and release it. Then you get to come back into the Kick Ass Luck Club all shiny and new.

Day 3- Show Me the Lucky

Show Me the Lucky
Take a trip on the timeline of your past. You will be looking for times when you had bad luck, or things were not fair. You might find memories of times where there was an injustice or you lost something. In each of these past memories you built beliefs and ideas about being unlucky and you may have decided you were not deserving of good luck. After you visit some of these past events you will release them and then come back to the glory of worthiness and say “Show Me The Lucky!”

Day 4- Lucksplosion

When you fill yourself with the qualities and character of lucky people, you will see your future from the eyes of a lucky person. Integrity, balance, strength, creativity, generosity… you bring all of your best qualities to this session. And then you take a walk on a really cool path that has explosions of luck. Every step could trigger another lucksplosion, and when it does be ready for a surprise and a blast of the energy of luck.

Day 5- Luckinator

Preparation meets Opportunity. What is the difference in lucky people and the creators of good luck? Sharing your wisdom, inspiring others, giving and being generous put you into the flow of good luck. Luck is not about being selfish or being on the take. It is about being in the flow, willing to give and receive. And the spiritual enlightenment of being in the flow of abundance will make you smile all day long! This session will get your solar plexus activated. Your life purpose will be blazing!

Day 6- Luck Dynasty

Luck Dynasty
Time to Celebrate your crazy, lucky, fortunate self! You have your very own dynasty of luck. It is your special place where you are celebrated, you are something amazing, you are honored for your good fortune and success. Since you are recognized as one of the luckiest people in the world, you feel really great when you visit your Luck Dynasty and get the cheers and support you totally deserve.

Day 7- Mother Lucker

Mother Lucker
Think Mother earth, mother nature, mother of all who is nurturing and life giving. This is the life giving session where you get your luck from the source. This is a great and powerful birth of a life where luck will be yours as you feel loved, wanted, worthy and deserving of great luck. This is your mother lucker who is the source, the truth and the light of all things lucky.


This might just be your lucky day!

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