People love hypnosis!
It can be such a life changing experience. Here are just a few of the thousands of people who have discovered how to be happier, wealthier, healthier and stronger.

Some wonderful letters from so many people... thank you! It makes it all worth it. I am blessed to be in this profession and I want you to know that these letters (and calls) make it all worth it!

These are only a few of the letters I have on file. They are all unsolicited. I thank you one and all. I would reach out give you a hug if I could. Awe shucks. Let's all just have a group hug. Thank you, really, thank you, immensely from the bottom of my hypnotic heart! - Wendi


Chill Out is Da Bomb!!
Its been 2 years since i've had this CD and I must admit i took it for granted until a co-worker's mom started fretting that her daughter's naturally fiery temper and sudden temper flare ups would cause her fiance to break off their wedding. We figured it was wedding jitters. I showed her your site and suggested the Chill Out CD cause it had done wonders for me. Bottom line is her daughter listened to the CD one month before the wedding and the change was amazing! She got married in December and is heading for promotion at the office (daughter works with us too) due to her ability to now keep a cool head with trainees. I've looked back on my own changes and apologize profusely for not  Big Up yuhself Wendi! You are my saving grace.
Love, Odette

I don't usually review products, but I had to write one about the Love Infusion Program. It is fantastic. Wendi says all the things that one would have wanted a loving parent, friend or partner to say. A lot of people hook up with the wrong person, simply because they are starving for kind and loving words. This program will satisfy that longing and craving, so that one does not have to be with the wrong person, simply because they pay us a compliment or see us in the light that we want to be seen in. Bravo Wendi.
Paulina Want

I have to say I really enjoy this Manifest Double Voice one and I have several of her downloads , I felt like my brains was being touch and that everything will be just fine and work itself out after listening to this, don't get me wrong hard work must also be undertaken to get what you want but just being able to know in your mind what it is and having that feeling of it coming is great. I Also I think Wendi is great because I have paid loads of money to other Hypnotherapist and nothing ever really changed but after buying several of her cds / downloads I feel more awake and certain that in the last several years, I make her downloads a part of my daily life. It works and she is great I will save up to attend one of her seminars.

Nic in Miami


"Please tell Wendi that I love her and her programs. I can't believe the success that I am having with the Procrastination program. My life has totally changed for the better and I am so happy. I am organizing my day the evening before and it is allowing to me to actually make more money because I know how I am going to run my day. I am so happy, please be sure to pass this on to Wendi"

Zen of Thin
Wendi, I purchased your zen of thin program about a year and a half or so. When I told my wife I was going to invest $150 of our meak salary for the cd''s I thought she would laugh me out of the house, but she was very supportive. I stepped on the scale and it said 285#! Just 15 pounds & I would weigh over 300! I had developed health problems due to my weight as well. I immediately played the Appetite zapper and then went through the program. That was Feburary 12, 2007. I have since lost 78 pounds and have only 35 more pounds to get to my ultimate healthy goal. My cholesteral went down 70 points and blood pressure went from dangerous to wonderful. I excersize every other day for 60 minutes (15 miles) and am dissapointed when I can''t. my life is so much better and I believe you are mostly to blame. thank you so very much for what you do. May God Bless you, BK.


Good morning Wendi,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We are having trouble keeping our feet on the ground these days. Thank you for sending your abundance material--we are setting dates for our first Abundance workshop!! We do want you to know how grateful we are for your SHARING your experiences, knowledge and materials--you truly are a powerful woman. Thank you for being a part of re-discovering our Magnificence! It was great to hear your history of "contrast" and to see and hear what wonderful experiences your are creating now.
R and M

I endorse very few items or services. And in my career, I must be guarded in what I allow to be published for the general public. But in your and Wendi's case, I am so deeply appreciative of how my life is better due to your and Wendi's service and products. And since you have helped me, and I honestly believe in Wendi's "Do it Now" course, I sincerely wish to help you in return.

This may seem small to you, but it is large to me. I find Wendi's voice absolutely wonderful! I have used other courses over the years, all with men's voices, and Wendi wins hands down. I am a man who truly appreciates and loves women. I am finding that Wendi's female voice allows me be receptive, where with a mans voice it is quite a different story. I also find Wendi's voice......,please don't hit me over the head....., quite sexy....,and for me this is a great benefit. I also find Wendi's voice speed, choice of words and tonality to be very receptive to me. This all helps to keep me coming back, almost each day to listen to one of the courses tracks.

Since using the "Do it Now" course, in only a few short weeks, I have completed more task, got more involved living a quality life than what it seems I have done in years! I am a person who has tried many courses, live and taped. By no means do I state that "Hypnotism, NLP, etc.," works any or every time, for me. But what I am very happy to state is that Wendi's "Do it Now" course IS WORKING for me. In that regards, I don't care what it is, other than IT WORKS!

Dear Wendi, Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice. I think of your soothing, relaxing voice as being from a mother or guardian angel (a touch of heaven on earth) and I feel inspired to be attentive and obedient. Gratefully, Don D

WENDI! I recently purchased "Do it Now" and it has CHANGED MY LIFE! Aside from finally keeping a balanced budget and doing my laundry, I have used the CD's to do everything from reduce my cigarette habit to meditate regularly.
You have an amazing talent, and it has touched my life immensely

So enjoyed your workshops, - all of them!!!!  I also got the tapes. Thank you for lots of wonderful and practical information + inspiration.  I am so enthusiastic; I just had to nominate you for "Speaker of the Year".
Many thanks again,


I just want to thank you for your web site and the wonderful service you are providing for all of us.

Hypnosis has always been a huge question mark for me. I never understood what it was, how it worked or what (if anything) it could do for me. In recent weeks however, I have started to open myself up to the possibilities through research and honest exploration. The internet is a wonderful tool for acquiring knowledge about just about any subject and I set out to find out about what was previously for me an unknown and mysterious subject, the subject of hypnosis.

This is where your wonderful web site comes in. Through your web site, as I read, so much did indeed ring true for me, so much felt right. Not only was I able to read about and continue to learn about hypnosis, but for the first time I was also able to quietly experience a brief, free, hypnosis session with you. It was to say the least, an eye opening experience.

It's hard for me to put into words what that experience was like, but I will try. It was surprising. It was exciting. It was exhilarating and believe it or not, it was a little unnerving. I was not prepared for the utter peace and relaxation, nor did I really believe that I could achieve any sort of trance so easily. In just a few brief minutes I was indeed feeling refreshed, at peace and very happy. Your voice, your words and your talent are a true gift that I am so thankful you are sharing with the rest of the world.

Keep up the wonderful work, you are helping many people in many ways.

Michael Roach
Richmond, Kentucky

I started with Stop Sabotage track, and experienced large emotional release, to the extent that I am still feeling it physically two days after. Did I mention how serious my procrastination was? Doing nothing at all for days, just "waking up" from dreams on evening and blaming myself until end of the day. Damn procrastination.

Now it's just two days after stopping the sabotage and I did so much things I would never believe possible, in fact I don't remember when was the last time I had such productivity. I am waking up at 6 o'clock in the morning and working till 22, feeling balanced and in harmony. In the past, I was blaming myself till 1 or 2 in the morning, waking up tired at 10 or 11.

But, no longer. I feel I am on the track, and although I know there is still much to do in terms of getting up to full potential, I am just feeling like re-born.
(And, in the past, I have become an expert on how to fight procrastination, but just somehow I couldn't put all those tools to proper use


(From a happy customer)

I own a copy of Wendi's confidence cd's and can attest that they
are one of the best self improvement products on the market.I've
purchased a number of Wendi's products since she came on the hypno
scene and have always been very happy with the product
quality,value,and customer service I've experienced.In my opinion
the confidence cd set represents Wendi's best work to date and will
impact you in amazing and powerful ways.
Regardless of your experience level with hypnosis and nlp you'll
have the added benefit of Wendi's example of great trance work and
deepening techniques. As a practitioning hypnotist I'm a sucker for
a great hypnotic experience for myself and these cd's will zone you
out right through the floor! Discover for yourself this wonderful
product and be prepared to find yourself feeling more wonderful and
confident with every listening as I have.


Hello all. Last night's confidence seminar was amazing. Wendi led us
into light trance on a mental journey to meet our desired selves in a
parallel world. This "other" self was us as we really are, without
the beliefs we held of being unconfident that held us back. In the
parallel world everything exists as it does in the usual world we
live in but for a few key differences. In that world our uber-
confident self had the most loving and encouraging parents who never
even inadvertantly said something that made us shy or unconfident. We
had the best teachers and mentors who blossomed us into the most
confident and able people possible. And we were able to "step into"
that person and be them and take back with us that gift of
confidence. It is an amazing experience that I'm just starting to
realize how effective it has been. Those who were there, please share
your experiences here if you read this. I'd like to hear how it is
going for you. Those who weren't there, attend the next one! You will
benefit from it in a way you can't even imagine. Wendi has had to
make an unexpected trip to be with a loved one, so she told us next
week's webinars MAY not happen so come back the next week if so.
Don't miss it.


I just want to say what a GREAT time I had this weekend!! You were delightful and it was truly a pleasure to spend some time with you. I listened to the whole abundance CD pack on the flight home... all 4 CD's... and may I say that you voice is just SOOOOOOOOO nice on the recordings... mind you I am partial to female voices anyway... but you REALLY have the smooth ( like velvet ) total safety and comfort zone voice tonality down to a "T".
( Wendi, I voted for YOU for lecturer of the year.. < obvious kissing up > )Richard Rumble, C.Ht
Motivational Hypnotist

Hi Wendi

I purchased 'Heal your Body' and cured myself of a skin complaint that I've had for the last 10 years.  To say I'm pleased would be an understatement.  I've got quite a few hypnotic tapes that I've used but yours are the only ones that worked for meI
Best wishes

I received my order and have been very impressed. Your tapes have been top notch, your book is excellent, and am astounded by your knowledge of the subject matter. I can't believe your web site say's you've only been doing this for 6 years. Bravo!
Michael Jefferson

Wendi: Just wanted to give you some quick feedback - yes, listening to your Charisma tape at night is having an effect!
- I have people wanting to catch my eye more often than not, and wanting to start a conversation with me
Thank you- J.S. New York

Having become frustrated with what I perceive to be "bad luck" in my life, I purchased Wendi's abundance tape. After two listenings, my offer was accepted on a property I've been trying to buy for almost a year now. I'll need a few more instances to feel this is not simply coincidence. _W.L.Chicago, IL.

Someone on mindlist was asking about the above book by Wendi. I recently ordered this book along with two tape cassettes. For anyone out there wondering about ordering I would recommend that you go ahead and do so. Her book is filled with SO MUCH good information and her tapes are the BEST I've heard. The Delivery Service is awesome....only waited one day! D. Smith-

Hey there ms Friesen. received your stuff last week, and immediately started putting them to good use. the book is great, and the inductions are great fun. -L.M. Atlanta

I just finished listening to your tapes it has been almost a month later and I am really amazed. It is so incredible Wendi. My intuition has increased just by listening to these tapes. Thank you very much Wendi for the extra help. R.J. California

I have bought stuff from Wendi, everything arrived in great order and timely manner....She has great information on her website....Everything is true...I have personally spoken with Wendi on a couple of occasions and she is the real thing.... A wonderful woman and a wonderful hypnotist! - V.W. Las Vegas


I have been absorbed in the tapes...they really are wonderful! -J.C. Dallas, Tx

I don't know if you've read Wendi's book (http://www.wendi.com/) yet but I think she may have solved the riddle of what you and I were talking about and why sometimes things don't work as they should. My 5 Star recommendation. Her advice on rapport building is absolutely essential from a woman's perspective. This woman is the fucking BOMB!!! And she's got a great sense of humor too. I'm betting she's a Sag. That's the first book I've read about seduction that was written for men by a woman. I'd say she's coming from an expert position. There's stuff in there I've never considered....you'll love it!
BTW, she has the most hypnotic and sexy voice I have EVER heard. I'm having a great time listening to these tapes! They are incredible. Wish I'd found her years ago. A.J. Florida

Yup, your right, I'm a Sag... Wendi

I am enjoying the tapes, and have been diligently listening to them for the past few weeks.  Just by listening to the tapes I am making progress in more areas than the one which was supposed to feel it the most. The muscles in my arms chest, back and shoulders are getting larger and harder too. I also noticed acne appearing on my shoulders similar to what happened when I would sometimes take Andro supplements. So the commands to increase hormone levels must be working. Well take care. Thank you!
George V. Minneapolis

Oh - by the by - you were right in telling me earlier that Hypnotize Your Lover would give me the gist of intentional rapport building. And more... I've begun working with my husband with it and see all kinds of potential! It's exciting!
Judy S.

Wendi, I am thoroughly enjoying the tapes and received them in record time. In fact I am already seeing and feeling results within the first week of listening to the tapes.
-A.E. London

Wendi - thought you might be interested... had surgery last Tuesday, healing so far is going well the preparation for the operation tape (surgery healing program) was excellent so far so good on the healing up process.

And most of all your voice is great. You really are gifted. amazing. I can't tell you quite how therapeutic it is to listen to a beautiful female voice talking. Particularly in a loving, stable, balanced, supportive way. The tapes are very reassuming. -
Jason R.