The Future Is Now and Power Experience- hypnosis download

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Future is Now


The Power Experience

(I love these sessions ~ Wendi)

Step into your amazing future and discover the good things that are coming your way!

Overcome fears, obstacles and insecurity. In just 30 minutes you will leave your day behind and find the magic that propels you into a future filled with excitement.

The Future Is Now!

This has three excellent time warping, mind expanding sessions.

Future Creation in three areas of your life.

Health -
Find the specific health issue that you want to change and use this as the topic of your Vibrant Health Timeline.

You will put your health issues into this session and experience yourself feeling better, finding healing, releasing the problems related to health and creating a blueprint for your brain to have better health.

Power and Confidence -
Use this session to tackle a specific fear or insecurity.
In your future memory, you will be doing a specific task and applying and amplifying your abilities.

Use this for work situations, dating, parties, public speaking… or where ever you need more power.

Love and Sex -
Make it juicy. Overcome inhibitions, become more romantic and communicate more deeply. Get past any sexual fears or guilt. Improve your stamina and endurance.

In this future memory you will be creating the love you want, the sex you know you need, and the passion that will leave a smile on your face all day!

The Power Experience

Experience the world from the perspective of the most powerful person you know.

Find out what it feels like to be one of the most important people in the world.
Be comfortable with your tremendous sense of power.

Notice the drive and purpose that you have that comes with this ultimate power.
Absorb it into your own world if it feels right for you. It was in you all the time.

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