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Breast Enlargement Hypnosis
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Are you considering breast augmentation surgery?

Have you always desired to increase your cup size?


A safe, and permanent solution to increase your breast size 1-4 inches. (one or two cup sizes) with 11 audio hypnotherapy sessions  that will help you to become a believer!

This new method will take you deeper and produce a more profound state of cell communication. The growth takes about 8-12 weeks and is permanent.

This new method includes therapy to release issues from your past about sexuality and breast growth. You will program your dreams to enhance these body changes and your morning meditation session will help you recall the dream state and initiate the best mind/body state for growth during the day.

In this new program Wendi has included hypnotherapy for self esteem, creating love and acceptance of your body. The future time line will enhance your sensuality and create a new sense of sexual adventure.

Scientific studies show dramatic gains in the size of breasts with follow-up studies of one year later that determine the results are permanent.

DO NOT consider breast augmentation surgery or implants until you have tried hypnosis. The risks of breast surgery are too great, and the implants can harden or have to be removed, leaving you with smaller breasts.

This is probably one of the most fascinating uses of hypnosis. If you are considering having breast augmentation surgery, please try this first. Many of you are probably very skeptical about how hypnosis could actually enlarge breasts. It seems odd, but once you understand how the mind works, and how easy it is to reprogram the cells with hypnosis, you will find that you actually have a lot of control in the area of making changes in your body.


Enlarge your breasts? Tighte connective tissue? Increase muscle size and strength?

Yes! There are many studies, more being done all the time that show the amazing response that the body has to hypnotic suggestions. On the LEARNING CHANNEL they highlighted a study from MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY in England that proved that you can grow significant muscle with only hypnotic visualizations. The group that did only hypnosis exercises grew over 50% of the muscle that the real group grew. (the real group did the actual exercise for the exact same amount of time) This is available in my BODY MASTERY PROGRAM.

When you use my products you are getting the best.
I guarantee it. One full year guarantee, money back, no questions asked.

When you are done with the program you can give it to a friend. Because the results are permanent, and you won't need it again. But some people tell me they just love listening to the CDs because it makes them feel so blissful and just erases the effects of stress on their body, their skin and their outlook on life.

It really worked
From Holly of Los Angeles, California

I did the CD's for breast enlargement, and went from an A cup to a B cup. I recently went to a department store to buy a new bra and was frustrated that nothing was fitting (my normal A size). I have never been able to fit into a B, but I tried several B's on and they were all a perfect fit. I'm pleased with my new look and want to say thanks! My friend paid $5000 for breast augmentation and suffered through surgery and recovery. My route with Wendi's tapes was painless, relaxing and fun (and it worked!). I find myself giggling about when I get dressed in the morning. Please tell Wendi thanks. I look forward to using more of your products.


There are several scientific studies that list the results, posted here. Most important, in my mind, is that this gives us some concrete ideas of how profoundly the mind can affect the body in creating physical change. The mind directs the physical aspects of the body to grow, shrink, weaken, strengthen and so on, based on thought. The evidence shows up in breast enlargement. Most important is not just the results that are obtained in breast enlargement, but in directing the healing of the body.

What about tumors and the thought process that makes them shrink or grow? What about weight gain or loss... a result of our thoughts? And even hair growth... when the brain thinks that it is supposed to command the follicles to grow hair, lo and behold that little old follicle rises up and grows hair. (This is based on the placebo research for Propecia, a hair growth drug. In the placebo group 38% of those receiving a sugar pill grew hair of at least 100 per square inch on their head. Ha!)

Is it really possible to enlarge your breasts with hypnosis?
YES! New techniques in hypnotic breast enlargement create an increase of 2-4" and the results last! A safe and easy way to reach your full potential. Look better and feel better, naturally!

Every thought we think has an effect on our cells. You can create change in your body shape simply by thinking about the outcome. Breasts are interesting creatures, they are. One woman I know had a breast reduction and within 6 months her breasts promptly grew back to a DD. I think that her subconscious had a body image that included DD breasts and when they were reduced, since it didn't fit the image that was held by the subconscious, they grew back to match her belief about how her body should look! Her doctor said that this happened regularly. The breast reduction would not last, the body grew back the breast tissue!

 b to a c in 2 weeks!!
From Kimberly Raines of North Edwards, California

I follow these sessions religiously. The first week I felt some differences in my breasts. At the end of week 2 my bras were getting tight and halfway through week three I knew that I was going to have to purchase the next cup size. I'm soooo excited about this and am going to keep on going and see where I end up size wise. I suggest this to anyone considering breast enlargement!! Why spend thousands to become bigger when you can spend a lot less and have the same results without the pain that comes along with a surgery!!! Definately a must have in my book!!!

Another woman had great results by talking to her breasts and asking them to grow. (There was actually an entire show on Rikki Lake about talking to your breasts.....) If you want to try this leave out the begging and pleading, and use some simple suggestions that will encourage growth. She did this for two months and she increased a full cup size, had to go buy all new bras. That was a year ago and at latest check, she says they haven't gone down a bit!

I read about a tennis player who was confined to a wheelchair for 3 months and during that time, not wanting to lose his swing, he visualized his serve and swing. During that time his bicep grew in his right arm! There was no physical movement, only the power of thought, and it created a change in the shape and size of his muscle. The mind is a powerful tool and there are very few limits to the possibilities if we set our intentions in the desired direction.

Here's your homework:
Talk to your body.
Make the suggestions positive.
No whining, begging or pleading. Just affirmative, positive suggestions. careful what you ask for, you might just get it!

Read the research results from major universities! Click Here!

  1. Intro- Learn how your mind affects your body and why the cells respond to thought. You will learn how to make the most of this program and get the best results.
  2. Deep Trance- Teach your Brain to go into trance deeply by using this session.
  3. Mind Body Communication and Dream Programming- Create the connection that will help your brain connect with the cells in your breasts. This session will ask your mind to continue the growth and communication in your dreams as you sleep.
  4. Morning Meditation and Dream Recall- Reinforce the state in your body that will maximize growth. Also, as you awaken, your mind will recall the dream that was created to enhance growth.

  1. Time Line - Past- This journey to your past has been created to help you clear any negative issues from your teenage years when your breasts were growing. You will gently resolve the conflict and emotion, then come back on your past time line with a renewed sense of self.
  2. Morning Meditation and Dream Recall- The previous session asked your mind to create a dream to heal and resolve your past. In this morning meditation you will recall the dream, and feel and wonderful sense of balance and happiness.
  3. Time Line - Future- Journey into your future and discover your new self, new body, healthier in body and spirit. In this future you will experience yourself in a new light, with larger breasts. Your mind will adopt a new belief about the size and shape of your body.
  4. Morning Meditation- Dream recall and meditation to create an outstanding day with energy and excitement.

  1. Intro
  2. Deep Cellular Communication- A deep trance method that uses music vibration and subtle messages to advance the cellular communication to the breast tissue. Very relaxing!
  3. The Mirror- Envision yourself as you will be with your fuller breasts. Also embrace the love that you have for yourself now and in the future. This session is created to enhance the way you feel about being a woman, enjoying your sexuality and becoming more sensual and erotic!

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