All You Need Is Love- download

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All you need is Love!

Having trouble with self love?
Is your self esteem at an all time low?
Are you shy or scared to interact with people?

This program is a Self Love Fest!!

When you listen to this , you will be loving yourself like never before.

Sometimes we are way too hard on ourselves and we look in the mirror and think negative thoughts, or get mad at our body for having pain or being unhealthy, or blame ourselves for things we are not good at.

When you love and accept yourself, others will love being around you more and you will feel lighter and happier throughout the day.

Some people find it easy to love others, or give them compliments, but are unable to accept compliments. If you don’t feel lovable or worthy, you might find it difficult to accept the goodness of others.

Health- do you hate your body for being fat, or having pain, or problems with digestion or other illnesses?
Start loving that body of yours, in whatever condition it is in right now, and appreciate everything your body does well. Sending anger and hate to your cells is not doing you a bit of good. Time for a change, don’t you agree?

Power- what are you good at? I bet you can name a lot of things you are bad at and can always check in with your failures and shortcomings. Time for some appreciation for the things that you are really excellent at and time to have some self love for your very unique and wondrous self.

None of us are perfect, but if we can take a moment to find our strengths, it will make others see us with more respect and we can be an inspiration.

Sex- here’s where it gets good. Loving yourself deeply for the amazing sexual desire that you have is a very good thing. No more holding back. No more worrying about your sexual prowess…

time to love what you are capable of and get more curious about what you might discover if you really love your sexual self.
Enjoy this one! It is warm and juicy!

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