Sensual Woman Hypnosis Download- by Wendi Friesen

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Sensual Woman Download

The journey of hypnotic pleasure

If you would like to enjoy sex more, and find out how good it feels to be immersed in pleasure...
to let your body respond naturally...

This is for you.

First you will get in touch with your sexual energy and your deep sexual desire.
This will increase your sex drive and release your fears, guilt and worries about sex.

The next track will help you illuminate your body and feel sexual pleasure from head to toe.
You will get to experience waves of pleasure in your entire body the next time you have sex.

The next track will teach your body to reach orgasm faster. You will have a post hypnotic trigger to allow your body to have a climax easily. No more guilt or anxiety about "taking too long".

And the next track will help you feel turned on when you give your partner pleasure. This track is specifically about oral sex and enjoying the experience. You will find yourself getting turned on when you give him a blow job. The results are amazing.

You really will love to give him oral pleasure, since it will be such a big turn on for you.
Much FUN to be had- order this program NOW! And since it is a hypnosis journey, it is easy. Your sex will never be the same!

Part 1
1 Ultimate Orgasm (16:16)

2 Love Your Sensuality (18:04)

Part 2
1 Journey of Pleasure (37:52)
2 Double Induction (10:10)
3 Sexual Healing (14:55)
4 Intention Love and Sex (15:37)





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