I Am Love- Hypnosis by Wendi Friesen

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I Am Love
Hypnosis audio for
profound self love

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When you think about yourself, what do you really think about?
Do you say things to your body like "I am so clumsy" or when you make a mistake do you say "I am so stupid"?
Maybe you don't like parts of your body, and you say "I hate my thighs" or "my feet are so ugly".
Do you send messages of hate or love to your body, or get mad at your body when something goes wrong?

It is all about to change!

This powerful hypnotic session is a head to toe love fest.
Starting at the top of your head we will travel through your body, mind, soul and bless and love each part of your body.
From the top of your head to the tips of your toes...
from inside of every organ...
expanding all your senses...
to the the miraculous bones and joints...
to your heart and soul...
you will send a deep and lasting message of love.

This session is about 40 minutes. It is a profound experience that will change how your experience your mind and body and change how others feel around you. Your energy will change as you share the unconscious message of love and honor of your beautiful body with others.
You will emerge feeling a peaceful sense of awe and gratitude for all the ways that your body serves you every minute of every day.

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