Hypnotize Your Lover Book- by Wendi Friesen

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Hypnotize Your Lover...Deeper

The Book

Do you want to experience more pleasure with your lover?
Would you like to intensify your erotic experiences?

Have you ever wanted to be more seductive?
The complete guide to

MASTER the art of hypnotic seduction
STIMULATE your lover with erotic hypnosis scripts
RELEASE sexual dysfunction

That's the first book I've read about seduction that was written for men by a woman. I'd say she's coming from an expert position. There's stuff in there I've never considered... You'll love it!
BTW, she has the most hypnotic and sexy voice I have EVER heard. I'm having a great time listening to these tapes! They are incredible. Wish I'd found her years ago.

A.J. Florida

You get the entire BOOK, the instructions and scripts.

This new version has more scripts and stories and ideas for creating the hypnotic adventure you are looking for.


Part One- Hypnotic Seduction

Stimulate the most powerful sex organ in your body     7

1 The Erotic Hypnotic Mind     12
2 What is Hypnosis- myths and reality    16
3 The Hypnotic Mind- persuasion, waking trance, conditioned response     18
4 Anchoring- creating and stacking anchors and sexual response, whisper anchor     23
5 Covert Hypnosis and Mind Control- Making a subject perform against their will    29
6 Hypnotic Response in Deep Trance   31
7 Erotic Uses of Hypnosis- trance states, creating desire, intensifying sensations     33
8 Hypnotic Agreement and Consent     35
9 Rapport- the critical importance of rapport and trust, instant rapport.
How to make anyone like you and fall in love with you    37
10 Master at Rapport- taking rapport to an unconscious level     41
11 Waking Trance- pacing and leading     45
12 Rhythm- the subconscious entry into trance    51
13 Breaking Rapport- things that you absolutely must NOT do    53
14 Deepening Rapport and Creating Waking Trance- breathing, eye
       contact and unconscious mind to mind communication    57
15 Eye Contact-the passageway to ecstasy, your eyes take a message to
       her soul    59
16 Representational Systems- visual, auditory, kinesthetic-finding the
     primary processing system    63
17 Charisma and Passion- becoming the passionate person that others
     want to be with     67
18 Outcomes- how to create an irresistible outcome 71
19 Voice- develop your erotic, exotic, magical, hypnotic voice     73
20 Language Patterns- Words that will open your lover's mind
       to pleasure     75
21 Embedded Commands- speaking the subliminal language of the
       subconscious mind     83
22 Fabulous Outcomes     91
23 Close the Deal- and get the date    95
24 Remote Seduction- How to reach out and touch someone,
       hypnotically- send sexual vibes they can  actually feel     97
assion Flower-  a hypnotic story by David Barron CHT 103
ypno Date- a hypnotic adventure from the mystery hypnotist 109
assandra's Hypnotic Hold- a hypnotic fantasy   114

 Part Two- The Art of Erotic Hypnosis

Your training begins

1  Hypnotize Your Lover - your training begins 118
2  Ladies- become his irresistible hypnotic master   124
3  Your Hypnotic Voice- your most valuable tool for erotic trance  127
4  Music- use music to create trance, build desire, and deepen the experience    131
5  Direct Suggestions- how to form positive commands that the body will follow     133
6  HypnoSleep- finding and accessing a very powerful trance state  139
7  Inductions- scripts that mesmerize  145
8  Ten Down to One- A simple count down script 147
9  Body Awareness Induction- A very relaxing, soothing script  153
10 Elevator- Journey Down to Your Pace of Deep Desire157
11 Tropical Island- a delicious and relaxing journey for the mind. A great anxiety reducer 163
12 Hypnotic Heightened Sensuality Script   169
13 The Orgasm Script- Create a powerful orgasm with no physical stimulation (are we having fun yet?)  179
14 The Orgasmatron- by Alex Akslerod   187
15 Post-Hypnotic Suggestion for Orgasms on Command- now I know we are having fun. 193
16 Mutual Hypnosis- Take an exotic, hypnotic journey together  195
17 Trance Travel Together- a method to travel as one mind and share         
         thoughts and feeling while in trance  199
18 Oral Sex- Create a desire to give and receive oral sex  203
19 Behind the Door- a script where many women, or men are waiting for 
       you behind the door, all there to give you pleasure  205
20 Rapid Inductions- Stiff Arm Method and Rapid Method   211
21 Hand Breathing- Many uses for this illumination of the body. You can
         also use it to clear pain, tension, or tightness  215
22 Irresistible You- How to use hypnosis to create magnetism that will
       make you absolutely irresistible   219
23 Orgasm Response and Anchoring- Anchoring the orgasm to create
       desire any time, any place   223
24 Yes- the orgasm script that just screams YES! 225
25 Coming up script- bring your subject out of hypnosis 229

Part Three - Sexual Dysfunction
1  Sexual Dysfunction and Hypnosis   231
2  Impotence- a case file 233
3  Release Negative beliefs- finding old emotional blocks, negative       
     memories and causes and releasing them   237
4  Overcoming Impotence- Script and Suggestions  243
5  Virtual Viagra- maximizing the placebo effect   249
6  Anorgasmia- Script and Suggestions  253
7  Premature Ejaculation- a case file  257
8 Premature Ejaculation- Direct suggestion script and anchoring 259  
9 Hypnosis and Sexual Dysfunction- a case study by
 Shaun Brookhouse PhD  262
10 Erotic Hypnosis Love Letter by Brian David Phillips PhD 267
hat do you really want?      27

What do you really want?
If you are looking for total domination and control of your lover, you can experiement with hypnosis or with this book. If you have a willing partner who is into dominance or submission, you can enhance that experience with hypnosis. You can create scenarios of adventure, mind control and master/slave relationships if you are into that, and if you have a willing partner. You will not be able to create this, or any form of mind control, without the willingness and desire of your partner. If you attempt to create that without the consent or permission, you will destroy whatever trust was there, and you will have a very difficult time creating trance in the future.

Ultimately, You can create a deeper, more satisfying love life and a connection with your lover that will take on a whole new dimension. You can reach deeper inside of yourself and give your mind and body permission to enjoy your sexuality freely. You can help your lover to overcome discomfort, shyness and guilt, and give them the freedom to express themselves intimately. You can create an atmosphere of trust, adventure and permission to experience more of who we are and to experience the depth of our single, most powerful drive that we have been given.
Experiencing yourself as a sexual being is your birthright. It is the driving force that elates, confuses, and destroys us. There is nothing more powerful that can take you to your highest highs, and your lowest lows... than the force of love and sex.

Everything we do, every behavior, every action, we do with an outcome in mind. If you dissect your behavior or desire, to find out what the outcome is that you really want, you will almost always find that the driving force underneath all of your behaviors, is your need for love.
We work so that we can make more money, or have more power. The reason we want more money or power is due to an even more powerful underlying need. If we make more money or have more power, we may feel more confident or feel we will be more appealing. Others may like us better, or want to be near us. Ultimately, you will find that many levels of need exist, and the one at the very base, is the need for love. Sex is one way, the most powerful way, of expressing, and fulfilling that need for love. It is usually not enough to only feel lust or desire. The driving force is the need for satisfaction. When you understand that your sexuality is such a deeply programmed need, you no longer need to feel guilt or shame about enjoying your erotic self. You can embrace the gift that you are given and choose to experience the joy, ecstasy and expression of your love of your partner and ultimately your love for yourself.
(an unsolicited review)
I really like what Wendi posts and was curious as to what else she is up to so ordered in her book, 'Hypnotize Your Lover' as well as one of her other tapes.
Point: good book. Combines some of her own work with some NLS to come up with useful tools for 'Rapid Romance' as The Poet Boy likes to call it.
I really like her insights as to what will work and won't work on women.
Very nice list of words women would use to describe romance or those special feelings.
Includes a series of scripts for do-it-yourself trances that look very useful. Haven't tried them out with live neurology as yet - did enjoy the book, and am using one of tapes 'Magnificent You' or something like that. Had a lot of curiosity as to what her induction style would be and now know what it is and lo, verily, verily, it is good!
Frankly, much better production values and higher quality material than a lot of the SS stuff that is out there and at a much more reasonable price.
Evidence test: Would I give it to friends? You betcha!
Would I replace it if the dog ate it? You betcha and by golly!
Convincer: Just using one of her tips, the 'deep breath and pause', I'm finding a higher rate of neurological firings from those I speak now than I was finding before. So it works. And I'm looking forward to using more of her tips.
Thanks, Wendi! You done Goooood!


From a Reader.... Someone on  was asking about the above book by Wendi. I recently ordered this book along with two tape cassettes. For anyone out there wondering about ordering I would recommend that you go ahead and do so. Her book is filled with SO MUCH good information and her tapes are the BEST I've heard. The Delivery Service is awesome... Only waited one day!

D. Smith-

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