How Do I Love Thee- hypnosis download

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How Do I Love Thee
Intuitive Connection


Hypnotically enhance your experience of expressing your love and giving love to your partner.

This Hypnotherapy session will first create in you the experience of being loved and accepted.  Then you will find that you are able to send this love and acceptance to your lover. 
You will be expressing your thoughts of love, making the person you are with feel loved and adored. 

This is the greatest gift you can give any lover.
If you are shy or reserved about expressing your feelings or thoughts, this will help you immensely.
If you want to simply be able to express yourself in new ways, with more confidence and feeling, you will love this!

Session 1-
  Feeling Loved
Allow yourself to receive love, accept compliments, feel the emotions of the words expressed by your lover.
This will increase your worthiness of feeling loved and will let you open your heart and mind to being loved.

Session 2-  Giving Love
Expressing your feelings and being natural and in the moment can be hard for some people. If you feel you just don't have the words, or you know what you want to say but it just won't come out, this is going to change your life and your relationship.
You will teach your inner mind and your heart and soul to naturally express what you truly feel. This will be a big relief to you.

Session 3- a Love Poem
How do I Love Thee -a special hypnotic love poem
Wendi will ignite your inner love poet with this beautiful poem, read with her soothing, hypnotic voice.

Intuitive Connection

Create a deep connection that helps you understand, communicate, and feel deeper love. Find yourself naturally being able to create deep connections with your partner or that person who you desire as a partner.

Your senses will completely open as the blocks to understanding and communication quickly dissolve. Your enhanced state of openness will lead to a feeling of deep love. Your state of passion and love is then felt by your partner. This is an essential relationship skill.

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