Happy In Love- hypnosis for relationships, download

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Happy in Love
Hypnotherapy for a loving relationship



Is your relationship confusing and difficult?

Is this the right person for you?

If you could peek into the future of your relationship, what would be revealed?



On some level, you already know everything you need to know about this relationship and the chances for true happiness. Your subconscious mind knows if your partner is honest, has integrity, really loves you… or if you are being taken advantage of, deceived, or have issues that can't be resolved.

Find out what you really need to know by changing your perception. Let your inner mind discover what you need to know.

Learn to detach from an issue you might be having, and see it from a new perspective. Take the perspective of a third person, gain insight into the real problems and dynamics of your interactions in communication.

Feel connected and more willing to see and feel the other person's point of view.


Session 1-
Reflective Perspective-
Take a position of a fly on the wall, and hypnotically observe yourself and your partner working on a problem or disagreement you are having.

Session 2-
Are  You the One for Me?- take a journey into the future and let your mind reveal what might be happening in your relationship. Discover what your inner mind knows about the issues that you currently have and how they might play out in your future, if you stay together.

Session 3-
How Do I Love Thee-
Learn to express your feelings of love. Maybe you would like to say the words, tell your partner how much you love him/her, but just can't get the words out. This will help!

Session 4-
Intuitive Connection-
Create a connection that will help you know what your partner is feeling, thinking, what they need and want. A great way to connect on an intuitive level so you know how to best proceed.


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