PK- Pocket Therapist all 16 sessions - Hypnosis Download by Wendi Friesen

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Pocket Therapist

Pocket Therapist

16 sessions - Package



Tired, stressed, worried, angry, stuck?
This Pocket Therapist download contains 13 topics have short, intense hypnosis sessions.

Each session is only 3 minutes long and when you put on the headphones and push the button you will prepare to make a very fast shift in your state of mind.

My voice will guide you into the fast trance, transform the bad feelings, stop the fear, even release pain, and put you in the state of mind that you love. Feel powerful, confident, relaxed, or even have a huge burst of creativity.

The 16 sessions are:

1 Intro and Conditioning

2 In the Moment- Shift your state. Let go of anxiety, stress and frustration and get ready to be really present with your family or friends or with a date. Great to use after work when you need to transition to family mode.

3 In the Moment- double voice BrainStorm

4 Powerful presence- great for an interview or important meeting or sales appointment.

5 Power presence- Double voice BrainStorm

6 Speaker- give a brilliant speech. Your audience will yearn for more as you inspire them with your confidence and natural style on stage. Use this to calm your nerves and become an excellent speaker.

7 Speaking excellence- Double Voice BrainStorm

8 Sexyliscious- Pump up your desire, lust and let your body have a little mental foreplay. In 3 minutes you can go from “not tonight dear” to “yes, yes, yes”. And in my book, there is nothing wrong with that.

9 Sexyliscious- double voice BrainStorm

10 Problem solved- Stop stressing and start creating. An inspired and ingenious solution is only 3 minutes away. You will let go of trying and have access to your own creative wisdom with 3 possible solutions or ideas.

11 Problem Solver- Double voice

12 Melt the pain- In this 3 minute session you will go inside of your body and soothe the pain and nourish the muscles and nerves. Use it as many times as needed to easily shift the focus of your sensation.

13 Pain Release- double voice

14 Food for thought- a fast and healthy way to love to eat your veggies and drink your water. If you are feeling like you need a mad dash to the cookie jar, this will stop the cravings and put you back on track.

15 Food for thought- double voice

16 Stomach Shrink- double voice

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