Whispers of Whimsy- Hypnotic story by Wendi Friesen

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Whispers of Whimsy

27 Minutes of a Hypnotic Whisper Experience.

Instant Download.

Come on in.
Shhhhh.... We must be very quiet.
Melt into this blissful whisper.

You will be guided into the hypnotic, whimsical wonderland.
What is it?
The whispers you will hear will take you on a beautiful, sensory trip. Sound effects in 3D will surround you as you enter the beautiful zen room, ready to receive your soothing session.

Your mind is a wonderland. Find out how this half hour of whispering sweetness will melt your soul.
Enjoy this dimensional experience.

This might just shape the dimensions of your soul into a place where nothing else matters.

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