Allergy Freedom Hypnosis Download- by Wendi Friesen

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Allergy Freedom Hypnosis Download Program

Find out how your can eliminate your allergies to pollen, animals, or foods with Hypnotherapy.

Instant Download program, was $89, now $39


This is an amazing way to end your allergies forever. 

I have helped hundreds of people remove the allergic response that their body has to certain substances. Even when the allergy is severe, the process I use can be successful. In fact, most Hypnotherapists know how easily an allergic response can be removed. They use these techniques all the time, with great success to help people overcome their allergies to foods, cats, dogs, pollen, grasses, and most other allergens.

Your brain is making a mistake. An allergic response is a reaction that your immune system has to certain substances. If you have a cat allergy, your brain believes that this is a life threatening substance and your immune system goes into action to fight the substance. Your immune system produces histamines which are trying to remove the offending substance- thinking that this substance is life threatening.
Here is the truth about your allergies.
Your brain is triggered by this substance, sends the message to your immune system which goes into immediate attack mode.

You don't have to actually be exposed to the substance. In most cases just seeing or thinking about the allergen starts to produce the response. In a hypnosis session, if the therapist suggests you are in a field of flowers, you will begin to produce histamines and start sneezing! 
Your brain does have the ability to change. Hypnotherapy produces amazing changes in the subconscious mind... changes that often amaze doctors. We dont really understand how the subconscious mind makes these changes, but the best part is that it works, it is extremely safe and you will be breathing freely, with a clear head, bright eyes.
Imagine how good you will feel if you no longer dread the blooming flowers of spring, or going into a house that has cats, or being susceptible to certain foods? You can read about these techniques and decide for yourself how good life will be without allergies.

Of course, this program, just like all my others, is 100% guaranteed, with a one year money back guarantee- no questions asked. And it is only $89.00. If you came into my office to work on allergy release you would experience these same powerful sessions at $180 an hour. When you get this program, you will be able experience the sessions in your own home, at your own pace.
Read more about allergies and hypnosis here.

Introduction- this track will help you understand why the immune system responds the way it does, and what the underlying causes are for allergic responses. You will learn how hypnosis, NLP, and EFT can permanently reduce or eliminate your allergies.

Allergy Release – condition and anchoring. You will create a condition in your body that does not react to allergens. When you create the subconscious anchors you can access that healthy condition anytime.

Specific Allergy release- This session is from an NLP trainer, Robert Dilts. This process will target a specific allergic response to ONE allergen, and remove the brain’s trigger to this specific substance. In many cases, the reaction to this one substance is permanently removed in just one session. You can then do another session, targeting another substance and eventually remove all of your specific allergens.

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique has a profound and instant effect on allergies. Learn the tapping points from the chart, follow along with the CD session, and discover how the energetic aspect of meridians affects your allergic responses.

Direct Suggestion- Listen to this when you are going to sleep at night. These gentle direct suggestions will help your mind change your internal belief about being able to breathe easily and remove the reaction to substances you used to be allergic to.

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