Body Builder Hypnosis Download-by Wendi Friesen

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Body Builder- Extreme Mastery

A new hypnosis program to enhance muscle growth, strength and power.

Create a strong inner mind for more muscle growth and power.

Athletes know that competing and winning is more about the mindset and the belief and power created from a great inner game.

As you listen to these Hypnosis CDs you will discover something very fascinating. You may first notice the change in the amount of weight you lift, or it may be your endurance. In about one to three weeks you will notice a significant increase in the size of the muscle. You will actually be able to see the difference.

Research Proves the Mind Body Muscle Increase! Studies at Manchester University in England showed dramatic results in just one week with participants doing only HYPNOTIC exercises. The group that did the real exercise (for the same amount of time as the hypnosis group), increased the size and strength of the targeted muscle 30%.
The group who did ONLY the hypnosis exercise increased the size and strength 16%.

This is important. Here's why. The research proves that more than 50% of the muscle increase is obtained from the mental state alone. Hypnosis and/or visualization, done properly, can cause muscle growth even without working the muscle. The messages from the subconscious mind are powerful enough to command the muscles to grow by feeding the cells the information they need. And this is without moving a muscle.
Cellular Memory (you have heard Depak Chopra talk about how important this is and how easily it is manipulated) is handed down from dying cells to newly forming cells. If nothing changes, the dying cell gives the new cell the same memory. The new cell is formed in the same way as the old one.

This is WHY hypnosis works. Hypnosis targets the transfer of information as the new cell is forming, creating a new cellular memory. Without the hypnosis boost, as you workout, the cellular memory will change and you will grow- over time. When you use hypnosis you accelerate the cellular memory change. The cells are programmed to increase size and strength immediately, instead of waiting months for each cellular exchange to gradually change the muscles.

You have probably heard of athletes using hypnosis. Many professional Body Builders know that their imagery and mental techniques account for a big part of their success. They know they could not have the impressive gains and the rapid results they have without their subconscious secrets of building body mass.

Get in on the secret. You don't have to read a lot of books or attend a seminar or learn the mental mastery techniques... you just have to listen to these hypnosis sessions as you fall asleep at night, or upon awakening in the morning. Only 20 minutes a day, and you will discover how the successful bodybuilders make such impressive gains in such a short time.

Your strength is determined largely by the mental conditions, beliefs, and convictions that support the muscles.

Muscle growth is greatly enhanced by the mental processes available to you in Hypnosis and NLP and other subconscious mind training.

What's on the Download Audios?

Body Builder - Intro to hypnosis for body building
Learn how to get the most out of this program.

Body Builder - Future Vision
Create the vision of yourself in the future, program the muscle growth and strength gains in your mind and body. Envisioning your accomplishments, competitions, body changes and strength helps create the mindset and belief that will make you stronger and more powerful.

Body Builder - Mental Workout
This imagery is done while in hypnosis. You can do it before you fall asleep or when you first wake up. You will be imagining in vivid detail all the elements of your workout, exceeding your previous weights and gaining more strength with each workout.

Body Builder - Power State
In this session you will be conditioning your mind and body to go into trance quickly to achieve a powerful state of focus. This session is to be used BEFORE you use the Fast Focus session. After your conditioning you will be ready for the Fast Focus session.

Body Builder - Fast Focus
This is a 2 minute session to get you into your power state right before your workout or competition. After you create the deep instant trance session in the Power State session, you will be able to get into your focused state very quickly.

Body Mastery - Intro to Targeted Healing
This introduction will give you the foundation for creating fast healing. You can use this for healing from an injury, or to speed up the repair and growth of specific muscle groups.

Body Mastery - Targeted Healing
This session takes you on a journey inside of your body where you will communicate in a very specific way with your cells. The cellular programming will help muscle tissue to grow and heal. If you are using this for injuries or pain relief, you will notice a significant improvement in a very short time.

Sweet Dreams - Love to Workout
This is to be used before you fall asleep at night. The session will put you to sleep while embedding the suggestions that you love your workouts.

Sweet Dreams - Muscle
This session is a great one to fall asleep to. As you drift off your m ind will be hearing the suggestions for enhanced muscle growth and strength. You will sleep deeply and soundly and get the most from your workouts.

Endurance - Ultimate Athlete
Your endurance in any sport is all about mindset and inner strength. This endurance session will give you more power in your cardio workout and in your competitions. You will find you are less fatigued and have much greater endurance and speed in any sport or workout.

Irresistible You- a great session to make you magnetic, confident and more attractive.

Get stronger, faster!

This is an Instant Download-  Audios

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