The Boardroom- hypnosis download

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The Boardroom of Your Life


Mover and Shaker

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The Boardroom

If you could hold a meeting of all the parts of yourself that live in your mind, what would you tell them to do?

Meet your different parts of yourself in the boardroom see what their job is and how they impact your decisions in a positive and negative way.

When you meet these parts of yourself you will have the chance to give them new jobs, new orders, or even fire them if you like. I think you might find that you have some members who are slacking off a bit and need a kick in the ass. This session can be used while wide awake, or relaxing in trance.

This is a highly creative process that will give you great wisdom and insight.

You can solve difficult problems, or find creative solutions, find answers to your questions and get expert guidance. 

You will LOVE this session! 


Mover and Shaker

Have you ever watched a person who is influential and wondered how they have so much energy? They have a positive attitude, boundless energy, communicate in a way that gets to the point and they are effective in many areas. They get noticed! You can too.

Become a mover and shaker and shake up your world. While in hypnosis you will install these traits into your daily life and they will happen naturally and easily. You will actually spend time in the mind and body of a mover shaker person, then I will guide you to absorb that energy.


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