Sweet Surrender- Stress Relief Hypnosis download by Wendi Friesen

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Sweet Surrender, a three minute end to stress


 Stressed? Worried? Overwhelmed by everything around you?
Angry and frustrated?

This download will rock your world.
Stress will melt away and your perspective will instantly change.

This hypnotic process will create triggers in your subconscious mind to detect stress levels and take 3 steps to stop it.

Breathe, relax, experience.
Each of these words is linked to a specific action that takes you out of the loop of stress and will put a smile on your face.
You simply have to try this! At your desk at work, if you have 3 minutes you will emerge with a new mind!
At home, at school, anywhere you need a fast solution.

There are four sessions on this download, the first three are conditioning and training for your brain and body to learn to let go fast.

The 4th session is the one that brings the entire process together in 3 minutes. So, after you have done the conditioning sessions, you can use the 3 minutes session by itself anytime.

And the best part is that you don't even have to listen to the download after a few uses. Your brain will be triggered to move through the stress release process automatically and leave you feeling great.

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