Surgery Fears and Healing- Hypnosis download

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End Surgery Fears

Peaceful Surgery Preparation

Surgery Preparation
Create a peaceful condition in your body to prepare for surgery.

Release the fears of surgery and start your healing even before you go into surgery.
One session is for listening before surgery and the other for rapid healing after surgery.
Many doctors are amazed at the rapid healing that can occur with hypnosis as an aid to speed healing.

Reduce pain, swelling, and heal your body faster, with hypnosis.

You will feel more positive, your immune system will be stronger and you will have fewer complications. Research shows that a positive attitude dramatically affects healing time. Research also shows that healing meditations can dramatically affect the immune system to create a healthier outcome.

Create the optimum condition in your mind and body to be prepared for surgery. Research shows that stress can be affect the healing and state of health after surgery. Feeling relaxed and prepared will help you put your body in the best possible state for the healing afterward.

Surgery Healing
Releasing the stress and creating a calm and peaceful environment has been proven to help balance the immune system, change the speed of healing and prevent infection.

The first session, Deep Trance Training, will help you learn to relax and be in a peaceful trance state. The next session is for preparation for the mind and body to be relaxed and confident about the surgery. This session for healing after surgery will be used for many purposes and can help to assist the body to heal faster, eliminate some pain, and maintain and healthy mental and emotional state.

Listen to the Surgery preparation session once a day, for a couple of weeks before and your inner mind will begin to make adjustments and strengthen in advance.
Use the healing after surgery as often as needed for rapid recovery.

Session 1- Deep Trance Training

Session 2- Surgery Preparation

Session 3- Healing after surgery


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