Stroke Recovery Hypnosis- download

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Can stroke damage be repaired by hypnosis?

Will mental practice bring back speech and motor function?

Surviving a stroke is the first step to recovery. But what happens once you are faced with the uphill battle of repairing the damage?

The Brain Can Be Healed

This stroke program is an amazing process to teach the brain how to repair damage from stroke or brain injury.
This Sessions in this package asks the brain to electrically reconnect the wiring, find new areas of the brain to perform certain functions, and heal the spirit.

After a part of the brain is damaged, another part can begin to take over the function. As the brain practices, during hypnosis, it uses a new area to produce speech or movement; it strengthens the electrical signals to that new part of the brain, and then grows new connections from that part of the brain to the function that is needed.

Hypnosis can help!

Hypnosis will enhance the process of healing and brain repair and make the progress of restoring function to limbs or hands or speech, much more quickly. When the mind devotes its focus to creating a new ability, such as in hypnosis, the changes are made very quickly.

The Program Includes

1. Introduction
How this program works, what to expect, how the trance state can affect your brain's ability to heal and restore movement and speech

2. Restoring Arm Movement
This session is very specific for restoring movement. You will be imagining that your brain is sending new messages to your arms through the nerve pathways. You might start to feel movement or sensation in your first session.

3. Restoring Leg Movement
You will use the brain's signals to promote movement, sensation and strength to your leg. The improvement can happen as a result of repetition. The more you use this session and do the practice, the more movement you will regain.

4. Restoring Speech
In this session, your brain will be instructed to find a new area to practice speech. Your brain responds to mental practice in the same way it does when a task is done for real. In your speech practice you are forcing your brain to start using new healthy areas for speech formation.

5.  Intro to Brain Blueprint for Youth  
Learn how you will do a reprogramming session for your brain.

6.  Brain Blueprint, restore a more youthful brain
This session will teach your brain to function in a more youthful way and to possibly restore the responses and reactions of a younger brain.
 It is possible that this session will also teach your brain to use healthier areas to create the ability needed- arm or leg movement, balance, speech, etc.

7.  Disc of Light
 During the Disc of Light, you will be imagining that you are restoring a healthy condition throughout your entire body. Using imagery to enhance cellular communication is well researched and results are often amazing. This is a session that enhances all the other therapy sessions you will be doing.

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