Stop Snoring- Hypnosis download

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Stop Snoring

with Hypnosis

Do You Know someone that snores? Maybe they are sleeping right next to you. Or in the other room!

Do you wake yourself up snoring? Here is something you will want to know more about.
Your brain can be taught to monitor your airways as you sleep, and keep the airways open.

Hypnosis teaches your subconscious mind to help keep the right amount of muscle tone. Just as your mind knows how to let you breathe easily during the day, or when resting, your mind can help to keep the right amount of muscle tone in your airways as you sleep.

This is a multi session approach. Your brain will learn how to monitor the muscles
in your mouth and throat to allow you to breathe easily and quietly throughout the night.

There is also a track for the spouse or partner. This track suggests that the sound of your partner's breathing will help you sleep soundly and deeper throughout the night. It really works well. You will be amazed!

Find out how easy it is to sleep deeply and quietly- every night.

Hypnosis Sessions

Deep Trance Training
Sleep Observer
Breathe Easy
Direct Suggestion (keep airways open)
Sleep through the night (for partner)

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