Stop Smoking Therapist Training Package

$179.00 $343.00

The Stop Smoking Therapist Training Package with script download

The Package Includes:
One Stop Smoking Training Manual - download.

6 Sets of Stop Smoking 2CD set,  with Booklet for your clients.

Regular price if purchased individually - $343
Price when purchased in the training package - $179

Be an Expert for your Stop Smoking program
Use a method that works with private clients or groups.
It is all done for you!
The guide book, with instructions on what to say, how to instruct your clients
The CD set and client books and journal.
The marketing materials, ads and flyers.

Create a group that meets 3 times in one week.
Each meeting is 90 minutes.
Do 3 powerful days with coaching, hypnosis and guidance sessions in person with the group. Send them home to followe their guide book and hypnosis recorded sessions.
Your clients use the audio sessions several times a day, removing cravings, getting powerful, feeling ready to quit.
When they come back for your private or group meetings you follow the guide to give them then best experience possible.

No guesswork. No trial and error. You offer a program that is proven, effective, with recorded sessions that they take home.

Certificate of graduation, followup instructions, support and integrity.

Listen to this podcast that gives you the real reason you need a proven method to help smokers become free.



You can be free from the cravings and withdrawals of smoking.

For your clients to know-
You will be free from cigarettes. Make a commitment that will affect you for the rest of your life.
Your commitment, your trainer and these CDs will make you a permanent non-smoker.
Disconnect from the emotional reasons you smoke. Remove unconscious associations and triggers in your subconscious mind.
Make a commitment, in a state of hypnosis, which will last a lifetime... this time for good. 2 CD set with booklet.    

This program includes a hypnosis session to release cravings and withdrawals, and side two is a "quick fix" called velvety breathing that instantly releases cravings.
It also includes a deep commitment process that will convince your subconscious mind that you are a nonsmoker for life.

The booklet will help you go through the day to day process, instruct you on how to use your posthypnotic suggestions and anchors.
This is a powerful program and if you are ready, it can be easy!

The FINALLY FREE stop smoking method will make you a non-smoker for life.

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