Body Mastery Healing- Script Book download

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Body Mastery Script book

The ultimate hypnotherapy health program



Nine Sessions include:

Track 1- Instant deep trance training.
Track 2- The Holographic body.
Track 3- Morning Meditation for clarity and intention.
Track 4- Brain Blueprint for Youth.
Track 5- Skin Hologram.
Track 6- Targeted Holographic Healing and Cellular Imprinting.
Track 7- Disk of light- remove toxins, bacteria, harmful cells.
Track 8- Sleep, access deep states of sleep.
Track 9- Hypnotic Muscle Training- Increase Muscle mass and strength during trance.

NO PERMISSION is giving to record or resell these.

Body Mastery - Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Are you struggling with health issues, pain and illness?

Is your immune system weak and you are constantly sick?

Do you have a serious illness and need to restore a positive attitude?

Would you like to do Mind/Body Healing to create a powerful state of health?

It is true- Your state of mind, your thought, your beliefs and your attitude all contribute to your health.

Your immune system is dramatically affected by stress, inner turmoil, anger and fear.

The all new, totally recreated from the ground up, Body Mastery Hypnosis program.

The on line 8 day Challenge is ready! Start today.
My best work, with all the newest methods, breakthroughs and techniques that will make your brain program your body for health and youth.

See the Body Mastery program on Audio and Video here

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