Sleepy Kids2- Hypnotic Bedtime Story - by Wendi Friesen

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Sleepy Kids 2

Download -This hypnotic bedtime story will help your child sleep, and create a new happiness in your child. The story melts away fears, give your child new confidence and strengthens their desire to get along with others, be helpful and kind and sharing. Some parents have seen miraculous changes from this bedtime story.
Sleepy Kids 2, is for children over 5 years old.
For children from 5 years and younger, please see the SLEEPY KIDS 1.

Does your child have trouble falling asleep in their own bed?

Is your child anxious about starting school?

Is that anxiety affecting their sleep?

If your child has trouble getting to sleep, this might just be the miracle you have been waiting for.

As your child relaxes in bed, they will listen to this story about having magical dreams. In addition to putting them to sleep, the story will give them special abilities. They will feel stronger, more confident, happier, sharing, compassionate, and will wake up more alert and happy.

Reviewer: Nonnie from Tucumcari, NM United States
My 5 1/2 year old grandson WAS apprehensive about starting kindergarten.Add to that the battle to get him to bed and go to sleep. He likes his routines because he feels very secure with them. We have been listening to this for about 2 weeks now. He absolutely LOVES his bedtime story(we listen right after bedtime prayer). He has even comforted some of his friends about going to school! He feels great about going to kindergarten all day...and enjoying the experience. Plus, he is in a routine where he falls asleep in about 5 minutes...and wakes up refreshed and happy. GET THIS CD, you'll be glad you did!

 Great Results
Reviewer: Ramona A Oertel from Racine, WI United States
I ordered this for my 6 yr old grandson who would not sleep in his own bed. After listening to the story for a week, he now sleeps in his own bed with no more problems. We went to a gem store and he got his own magic stones just like in the story. Thanks Wendi for this wonderful product.

As the wizard takes them down a path of dreams come true, your child will be telling the wizard what they would like to be great at. The wizard will tell them how to make that dream come true as they go to the beautiful meadow where they are sprinkled with sleepy sparkles.

Your child will begin to connect Wendi's voice, the chimes, and the magical stones with being sleepy and will sleep better and better each night.

Message from Wendi:

When I made these programs I thought I was simply going to help children get to sleep easier.
As the kids are falling asleep, I created suggestions that they will hear as they are sleeping.
These suggestions are about cooperation, sharing, loving your family, enjoying school, feeling happy, being patient and kind.
I knew that these CDs would help children fall asleep more easily but I had no idea that the children would have a total transformation in behavior and personality. Mothers have told me that in some cases their kids starting sharing, being kind, behaving in school, helping out around the house and just being a better and more engaged child.
One Mother told me that her house was a battlefield with constant arguing, but after 3 days with the CDs her two kids were kind, patient and loving and they actually offered to help her out. Even their teachers asked what on earth happened to make the kids so happy at school.
If you need help with behavior issues, give this a try. It just might create a miracle for you child and your family!

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