Child Bedtime Story- Hunger Monster and Tiny Tummy download

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 Two Hypnotic Bedtime stories for kids.

Download Hypnotic Stories to help your child eat healthy, lose weight,
love to exercise and feel great..
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The Hunger Monster
Tiny Tummy

The Hunger Monster

Find the gremlin in your brain that is always hungry and kick him out. Watch the gremlin get fatter and fatter as he eats everything in sight, while your child says NO WAY to overeating. This story will help your child make a deep decision to stop the monster from eating everything in sight. It is a friendly story that has the child make friends with this monster and work together to eat healthy and get in shape.

Little Tiny Tummy

Take a spaceship ride into your body and make your stomach smaller. As your child imagines his/her tummy getting smaller, they will only want to eat small amounts of foods

Hypnotic stories for kids to help them eat healthy,
get in shape and love to exercise.

Get all 12 Hypnotic Stories!
Find out how fast your child can change their old habits and wake up smiling!

As your child is falling asleep at night, they will listen to a story that will take them on a journey into their brain to change their desire for sweets to healthy foods, (yes really) and make them want to be active.

Kids respond really well to positive suggestion when they get to use their own imagination and they feel they are the one in control and the one making the decision.

Childhood Obesity is on the rise, it seems everywhere you turn there are stories about who is to blame. Soda, TV, schools, video games. In addition to the massive amount of junk food, many schools have eliminated PE and kids are getting even more sedentary and gaining weight.

These stories on download are for your child to listen to as they fall asleep. They are hypnotic, and ask the child to use their imagination to discover the power they have in their brain. There are many aspects to the stories and each one has a unique purpose.

Each session is about 20-30 minutes long. At the end, as your child is falling asleep, positive suggestions are used to strengthen the theme of the story and to allow them to sleep better and awaken feeling happier.

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