Skin Deep Hypnosis Healing- Download by Wendi Friesen

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Hypnotherapy for issues and illness of the skin.

  Healing your skin from the inside out-

Your skin is a reflection of your emotional state. Some feel that this is the representation of your inner world meeting the reality of the outside world.

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Emotional conflicts are often expressed in the skin. Studies show great success in creating healthy skin with hypnosis. In my experience, I have seen clients reduce psoriasis, remove warts, reduce the appearance of scars, heal rashes, and heal some skin diseases and even reduce wrinkles.

Our skin cells are replaced every 20 days. Your new developing cells can be influenced in the way they develop.  Why do scars continuet o be formed if the skin cells are knew?

Deepak Chopra talks about the cells memory and how a dying cell hands down the programmed memory to the new developing cell. If there is damage, that is passed on to the new cell.

It is possible that hypnosis intercepts this memory allowing the message to the new cell to be formed in a healthy way. I have seen some miraculous results with clients. We know that so much of our emotional life is expressed in our skin. When you create specific programming for your new skin cells, many changes are possible.

This program also has a session to wake up the sensations of the skin. This could be used in sensual ways, or simply to allow a person to feel the physical pleasure of touch and amplify the good feelings of having a person connect skin to skin.

Find out what is possible!

6 hypnotherapy sessions

Skin and Emotions - Introduction

Physical Healing - Use this session to target specific areas or problems with your skin. Use this session many times to continue the healing on a daily basis.

Emotional Healing - Find the issues that are causing skin conflicts. Heal and release them in this session.

Erogenous zones - creating skin that is very responsive to touch. An illuminating and electrifying experience!

Skin Hologram - Integrate the healing and create a code for the brain to continue the healing process.

Fountain of Youth - A nourishing experience that will bring physical healing, youth and vitality to your skin and your spirit.


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