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Sphere of Influence


Six Elements of Change


Sphere of Influence

Enhance your natural Influence and Persuasion abilities.  Learn to be a really great listener.

You know  people  can just walk into a room and you feel their charisma. You notice their style and one of the things that makes them interesting, is the way they listen and really care about what you are saying.   You can increase your persuasive ability, not by learning techniques, but by integrating this connection into your manner and style. You will become more interested in what others have to say and use the pausing technique to create rapport and agreement.

Imagine how interesting your life will be when you hvae a sphere of influence around you that affects others in a positive way.

Track 1: 

Sphere of Influence:  Create an Aura of Influence Around You

Track 2: 

Persuasion:  Develop Hypnotic Persuasion Skills



Six Elements of Change


If you want to make a change in your behavior or attitude, you need a lot more than just affirmations. There are many factors at work that hold your beliefs in place that create all your behaviors. If you only try to change one or two, you will continue to bounce right back to the negative aspects of the behavior because your core belief has not changed.

When you listen to this you will understand the elements and I will explain how important they are, why they are all vitally important, and how to change them. This is not a hypnosis, it is just me telling you some really important stuff that I have learned in my career as a hypnotherapist.

The essential elements that must be addressed for change to happen.

 If you are a hypnotherapist or in the healing profession, you need this information. You must understand how each aspect is created and supported in the change in personality aspects.

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