Sexual Healing- Hypnotherapy download

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Sexual Healing, hypnotherapy

A beautiful exploration of your natural state of pleasure.


In this session you will  experience a big change in the issues of your past that have held you back.

We were all born with the physical, mental and emotional needs for a healthy sex life.

Many people have been hurt, scared, abused and blocked in their sexual nature.

Find your sexual wisdom, that deepest need and worthiness for pleasure. Learn to receive and feel worthy.

You really can heal sexual issues from your past and start to feel again. For men or women, the dysfunction you experience is probably a result of things that hurt you in the pate.

During this session you will allow your inner mind to find it, heal it and create a new powerful state to learn to be worthy of receiving pleasure.

First you will hear the double induction, which is two soothing voices playing in your ears.

Next, the healing session will allow you to release the past, heal sexual issues and become worthy of receiving and giving in your sexual relationship. This is a beautiful way to let go of hurt, shame and anger.
Enjoy your sex life and feel the freedom to express yourself.

For men or women. As you gently take a new look at your sexual inhibitions, trauma, disappointment or even early embarrassment about sex, you will bring a new understanding and compassion to the events in your life.

You will learn to let go of the difficult emotions and create a space to feel loved, worthy and intimate.

For women who experience anorgasmia or have any difficulty in achieving orgasm, this might just be the healing you need!

For men who have delayed orgasm or delayed ejaculation, or issues with impotence at any age, this might help you restore a strong and healthy sex life.

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