Sensual Pleasures -Erotic Hypnosis- Download- by Wendi Friesen

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Sensual Pleasures
A journey of erotic hypnotic pleasure.

This one is for the adventurous.

If you have wanted to enjoy giving oral pleasure to your partner but you just don't like it much, this is for you.

The hypnosis session will help you feel really turned on by giving your lover oral sex. You will feel the sensations of desire becoming stronger as you focus on his pleasure. This is an interesting method of creating sexual desire in your own body and mind as a result of doing this for him.

Some women say they get really turned on just thinking about doing that to him! How fun for both of you!

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Track 1-

Journey of pleasure-

This hypnosis session will turn you on to the experience of giving head. (and loving it!)  Your mind and body will connect with your inner desire for pleasure, and create massive pleasure for you while you are focusing on him.

Track 2-
The Passion Flower-

A story to ignite your deepest desires about sexual adventure. Listen to this hypnotic journey and allow your inner mind to be swept away into lands of pleasure and desire. You really can learn to let your body respond, to feel more sensual and to be more adventurous sexually.

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