Scripts- Hypnosis script books by Wendi Friesen

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Here is an great package of my script books, that will make you a better Hypnotherapist, help you learn new powerful strategies and  be more creative.
These scripts will help you think in new ways, to learn Hypnotherapy and help your clients.

All the Script books I created, are available as a DOWNLOAD.
These are all created, tested and proven by Wendi.

A $422 value for ONLY $97.00
This package is not returnable. No other discounts or specials offers or bonus item on this package. NO COUPONS. :)

Get this amazing set of powerful hypnotherapy scripts. Each title has multiple full length scripts, full therapy processes that will help you become a better hypnotherapist.

Each topic below is scripts in download form. Each script is a full 20-30 minute session and most have 8 sessions that cover all facets of each topic.

Body Mastery Scripts  -

8 Sessions that are for healing in many modalities, with the powerful hologram model for healing physical, emotional, energetic, mental aspects of illness.

Breast Enlargement Scripts -

Several therapy sessions to use with your client to enlarge breast size. Research has proven hypnotic breast enlargement!

Childbirth Hypnosis Script Package -

A multi session approach to eliminate pain, tension and fear of birth.

Financial Abundance Training Manual Course-

8 Sessions to use with clients or groups. Homework, handouts, instructions and the exact things to say and do in each workshop or session.

Body Builder Script Book -

Multiple scripts that create more strength and size for body builders and competitors.

Male Enhancement Script Book - Useful for sexual issues, male insecurities and growth.

Hypnotherapy Script Book -

Almost 300 pages!

Ultimate Confidence-

Powerful Scripts that will blast through insecurity and social anxiety, end fears and worries.

Stop Smoking Script Book -

A full workshop course and script book for every thing you need for private clients or workshops.
Weight Scripts

By purchasing these scripts you agree that NO RIGHTS are given to record these scripts or sessions. You have rights to use them with your clients and in workshops, but you cannot record them for sale or to give away in any form.


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