Remote Influence CD- hypnosis by Wendi Friesen

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 Remote Influence Hypnosis CD-

Would you like to send thoughts and feelings to a friend?
Do you want to influence a decision?
Can you motivate a person to make a better decision?

We know that our thoughts have an impact on others and that our attitudes affect their lives and their thoughts, but the question I get asked constantly is how to do this intentionally.

We are  always influencing those around us, positive or negative thoughts are sent and received. What if you really want to make a person choose to something better? What if you could harness the ability to send a thought bomb that would give them the focus or motivation to do something specific or to get excited about taking a new direction in life?

You can!

During our recent seminar, on the third day we did some thought transference experiments with amazing accuracy. The process we used is very simple and requires that you feel and experience the emotional state yourself, then send it to your subject.
You can use this for sex, health, abundance, or just about anything you can imagine.

Let me know what you use it for and how it goes!

Our thoughts really do affect others. Sometimes much more deeply than we imagined. And once you experience the power you have to send specific thoughts to others, you can use this to help you in relationships, sales, meetings, friendships and attracting abundance.

Prepare to be amazed! You are more powerful than you know.

The process is not difficult, but it does require that you let go of doubt and not be attached to the outcome. You are not pushing the thought or behavior on a person. Rather, you are allowing them the receive it, to experience it, to choose to act on it. We train our mind and soul to create an intention that has a positive outcome. Then we are  ready to not feel a need to force it or make it happen. In this process you will feel it,  create an energy that is infused with the new intention and behavior and learn to send the infusion to the person you want to influence.

What will you use it for?



CD is Out of stock. 
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