Creative Brain Blast- Hypnosis download by Wendi Friesen

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Creative Brain Blast
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Are you stuck, blocked and unable to be creative?

Do you need to be creative on command?

Is your inner critic in the way of your creativity?

You are about to blast through your limitations, open an entirely new state of mind and find your highest state of creative flow! 

Seven amazing hypnosis sessions that will change you when you need it most.

Creative Brilliance

Discover how to think in a more creative way, to open and expand your mind to new thoughts and ideas. Use this session to create ideas, write or compose books or music or artwork, and to perform more creatively. 

This session will affect your creativity in many ways, and you can use it for many purposes, in addition to being creative. Solve problems, enhance a relationship, create new advertising ideas. 

It is also great for writers and artists and executives who need a creative mindset or a solution to a difficult problem.

Creative Genius

During this hypnosis session you will meet a person who you feel is a genius in your field. It might be a musician, composer, performer, mathematician, actor, philosopher, even someone who is a legend from long ago. You might also use the mind of a coworker or family member that you feel is brilliant and wise.

You will put yourself into their mind and come up with solutions by borrowing their genius state. You can apply this to many needs. 

Once you have created the genius state, you will be trained to go into this state in very short trance sessions. If you need a quick burst of creative genius, you can put this CD on and use the 5 minute, or 3 minute session to get fast inspiration. 

You will never be stuck again! End writers block, or get a quick inspiration right before an important meeting at the office.

Borrowed Genius

Put on the head of a person who has a highly creative thought proce
ss. You can use this for many different purposes and enlist a new genius each time you use it. 

You might choose someone who has a great stage presence to make you more relaxed when performing. You may put on the head of a famous thinker, or an author, or someone who you feel would have a great solution to your problem. 

You can slip into the mind of a legend in history and feel his spirit in you. This is a very inspiring process.

Double induction

An amazing induction that uses two voices layered into each other. This will put you into trance like nothing else. You can use this for creating a deeper trance, then go right into the next track.

Problem Solver

A unique method to solve complex or simple problems. You will present the problem, put it away in a special box, then do a mental task that will force your subconscious to find a solution while you are using your conscious mind to do a task. 

The results can be surprising! You can use this for just about anything. You can ask your problem solving machine to find a lost object, mend a relationship problem, find insight to something that you feel stuck on, and much more.

Double Induction
A great way to put your mind into a highly creative trance state.

Live Your Dream

If you have ever wondered if you are living your purpose, or feel lost and confused about the meaning of your life, this might just guide you. This journey will take you to your future to discover what you could be doing with your talented little mind. 

This might just change your direction in life and allow you to create the life that you truly want.

Release Negative Anchors

Find and release negative anchors in your life. Free Yourself!

This session is all about changing the meaning of things, people, and places that you encounter in your every day life. 

For example, you might have had a bad experience when you were writing a book, and you connected your feelings of frustration to your computer keyboard… or to an object on your desk. And now, whenever you see or feel that keyboard, or look at that object, you get a sinking, negative feeling. 

You aren't responding to the present moment but instead to an anchor that represents the past. This CD will help you release these negative anchors to people, places, and things so that you can respond to things as they really are. 

You will help your mind to unconsciously associate positive feelings from anchors that were once negative. Your creativity was stifled by these anchors, and in most cases you don’t even realize that you have bad feelings associated with the things around your house or your office. 

Let your creative mind soar, unencumbered and free from negative associations.

Clear Plastic Bag

Discover who you really are without all the problems, mistakes, judgments, possessions, and negative things that shaped your life. Your opinion of yourself is based on many factors that often result in a negative self image. 

When you experience your true self, without all the baggage and challenges you will discover something beautiful. This is a wonderful way to open your spirit and renew your sense of purpose and explore who you really are.


Are you ready to find out how creative you can really be?


This is the ultimate solution to unlock your creative genius and find your highest state where your thoughts, ideas and solutions can be seen and experienced.

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