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Release Negative Anchors
Release the Past

Are you tortured by your past?

Do you have anger that you just can't get over?

Are the mistakes of your past haunting you?

If you are ready to put the past to rest,
this might be the biggest step you take.

The three most life restoring sessions that will quickly and easily help you let go of the past.

It is preventing you from moving forward.
It is stopping you from being who you are meant to be.
It is keeping you locked up in guilt, blame and anger.

It is the past. All of the memories, events, triggers, traumas and life experiences.

Your past can empower you or disable you.
Now you have a solution that will allow you to experience deep forgiveness, release the issues and stop the things that were triggering the bad feelings and beliefs about yourself.

Are you ready for a big change?

Release the Past

Are you feeling that you can't let go of old memories?
Are you tormented by reminders of things that went wrong, mistakes you made or anger that you can't control?
The memories from your past that used to make you angry, depressed, annoyed or sad can be changed.
When you experience this process, those old memories will now trigger good feelings. Your inner mind will find the old emotions, find the positive lesson in that memory and create a connection with that memory that holds the new emotions. This is a very enlightening experience, and a very simple way to let your mind be free of the pain and judgment of the past.

Release Negative Anchors

Find and release negative anchors in your life.  Free Yourself!

This CD will release the negative associations that are connected to things around you. Objects in your home, car and office can have emotions connected to them because of the memories that are associated. Sometimes when you feel bad you aren't responding to the present moment but instead to a bad memory that is  anchored in the past.  

This CD will help you release these negative anchors to people, places, and things so that you can respond to things as they really are.  You will create a very positive feelings from anchors that were once negative. 


An open heart and a willing mind…

Letting go of anger and blame is the first and most important step in healing your wounds and releasing the pain that you may have held onto for years. Forgiving someone doesn’t make them right, it doesn’t justify what they did, it just means that you understand and let go.
To forgive fully means you release yourself from carrying the negative emotions that kept you angry and small.
You don’t need to forgive the person to their face, you don’t need to talk to them… and you can even do this forgiveness process with someone who has passed away.

This is one of the most important things you will do in your life. The CD will take you through the gentle process of first creating acknowledgment, then understanding, then forgiveness when it feels right for you.

You will also resolve the conflicts and heal the space that you share with that person in your mind.
It doesn’t change what happened, but it will change the way you feel about it.

I have put these 3 session together for you, so you can have experience the relief of knowing that the past is truly In The Past.

While you will learn from the past mistakes, judgements, traumas and events, you will release the emotional reactions and discover the positive lesson and experience that is the true gift of learning from the past.

Please get these now, download them and get ready for a really wonderful transformation.

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