PK- Problem Solved - Hypnosis Download by Wendi Friesen

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Problem Solver
Pocket Therapist


Put these short brainstorm sessions on your phone.

In just three minutes you will be ready to solve a problem.

These session are created to help you solve a problem fast.

Just put on the session, close your eyes and in about 3 minutes you will have new insight, new wisdom and some possible solutions to your problem.

It is miraculous when you put the problem to your very wise subconscious mind and allow it to show you the possibilities.

Stop stressing and start creating. An inspired and ingenious solution is only 3 minutes away. You will let go of trying and have access to your own creative wisdom with 3 possible solutions or ideas.

1. Intro and Conditioning
2. Problem Solved
3. Problem Solved(Double Voice)

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