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Power Nap
Hypnosis for fast, deep, refreshing sleep

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Power Nap Essential


This is a powerful way to refresh and energize your mind and body in only a few minutes.

Experience the best night's sleep you have ever had in a matter of minutes.
Feel the restorative powers of a deep night's sleep with an easy 20 minute power nap based on deep trance, time distortion and binaural beats.

Teach your brain to get the effect of restful sleep in a 10 minute power nap.
Take a 5 minute power nap that provides you with the restorative power of a getting a deep restful sleep.

This program uses the combination of binaural beats, hypnosis, anchoring and conditioning to take you into the alpha/theta state. Your brain will take the rest it needs.

You will emerge feeling wide awake, energized, clear headed and creative.

This promises to be one of your most valuable tools in your life toolkit.

Track One:

Power Nap Introduction
How it works, what you will feel.

Track Two:

Twenty Minute Deep Sleep
Using time distortion and deep trance with binaural beats, your brain and body will be asked to experience the depth of theta sleep to get deeply refreshed.

Track Three:

Ten Minute Power Nap
Using the conditioning from the 20 minute Deep Sleep, your brain will condense the energizing sleep into ten minutes.

Track Four:

Five Minute Cat Nap
Fast, powerful and easy. Anytime, anywhere, take a quick nap. Emerge feeling very energized, highly creative, resourceful and ready to go!


A great program from Wendi.com
For only $14.90, you can feel good fast.


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  • Excellent
    From Laura Kramer of Ontario, California on 7/10/2005.

    I used this CD when I went on vacation and was able to sleep well, and wake up energized, for the first time in years! I had had trouble sleeping away from home, then would be tired and miserable for my whole trip. Not any more! Thank you Wendi!

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