Positive Parenting- hypnosis download

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Positive Parenting

Five sessions of Hypnotherapy for being a loving parent

As parents, you want your children to learn patience and be understanding. Your patience is challenged constantly and your children often feel the strain. Your words and attitude influence their behavior, often in a negative way.

Your words are powerful predictors of your child's behavior. Parents rarely realize how they are programming their kids with their statements.

For instance when a parent says, “stop fighting with your brother, you are always fighting” or “you are so lazy, you will never be able to complete anything”- These statements are like hypnotic commands.

Without realizing it, you may be reinforcing negative behavior. You can learn how to respond with patience and let your child learn patience from you.

Be an understanding parent; give your mind a new perspective.

Become the kind of parent that you really want to be.

These hypnotherapy sessions will teach you to respond in a way that teaches respect.

1 Patient Parenting
2 Hypnotize your kids
3 Conscious creation
4 No More Anger
5 Anger into Power

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