Music Mind and Spirit- Hypnosis Download by Wendi Friesen

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Music, Mind and Spirit.

Take your musical skills to the next level, .

Be more creative and confident in expressing music.

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Track 1 Singing for Health
Be inspired! Break out into song and let your voice be heard. Singing will lift your spirits and create a wonderful state of harmony in your body, mind and spirit. You will sing in the shower, the car, the kitchen and really enjoy the song of your soul!

Track 2 Your Sexy Voice
Create a voice that is full of love and mystery, deep and seductive. Great for singers, and speakers. Learn to breathe from your diaphragm and find your vibration that makes your voice feel and sound beautiful.

Track 3 From Deep Inside
Let your voice come from deep within. Learn to shift your voice from being nasal or throaty to have depth and vibration that sends a smooth and comforting sound.

Part 2

Track 1- Conscious Creation
Start your day with a positive attitude, ready to create what you want. You direct your life, your thoughts, and your feelings and set them in motion. If you need an attitude adjustment, this is for you. Put it in your CD alarm clock and let it wake you up! Your day will start with this powerful meditation that will guide you to design your day and set the intention that will create a powerful outcome. When you realize the power that you have to design your day, you will listen to it every morning!

Track 2- Creative Brilliance
Discover how to think in a more creative way, to open and expand your mind to new thoughts and ideas. Use this session to create music, learn to write or compose music, and to perform more creatively. This session will affect your music in many ways, and you can use it for many purposes, in addition to music. It is also great for writers and artists and executives who need a creative mindset.

Track 3-7 - Creative Genius
Meet a person who you feel is a genius in your art. A musician, composer, performer, even someone who is a legend from long ago. You will put yourself into their mind and come up with solutions by borrowing their genius state. You can apply this to many needs, including playing an instrument, coming up with a song title, writing lyrics, expressing yourself in a song, using your voice more creatively, etc. Once you have created the genius state, you will be trained to go into this state in very short trance sessions. If you need a quick burst of creative genius, you can put this CD on and use the 5 minute, or 3 minute session to get fast inspiration. You will never be stuck again!

Track 8 – Borrowed genius
Put on the head of a person who has a highly creative thought process. You can use this for a different purpose and enlist a new genius each time you use it. You might choose someone who has a great stage presence to make you more relaxed when performing. You may put on the head of a famous composer, or a songwriter when you are creating the music. You can slip into the mind of a great guitar legend and feel his music spirit in you. This is a very inspiring process.

Part 3

Create your music from your spirit. Your inner mind will find your flow, open your creative source and music will sing from your soul.

The hypnotic practice sessions will enhance the technical ability in your brain to create more skills. This hypnotic practice session will also help you master any musical piece you are working on and embed the elements into your subconscious mind.

Track one- Intro.
Learn how your hypnotic practice will improve your skills very quickly and help you master your instrument faster.

Track two- Music for your Soul.
Teach your spirit to express music in a way that is a beautiful expression of who you are. Your mind, body and spirit will be involved in the experience and you will feel the music in you. Get out of your head and into your heart.

Track three- Master Keyboards.
Let your brain learn the techniques and elements of piano, keyboard or organs. Your hypnotic practice sessions will be as valuable as your real practice sessions. Great to use as you are falling asleep!

Track four- Master Strings.
Let your brain learn the techniques and elements of Guitar, banjo, bass, violin, cello, mandolin, ukulele and other string instruments.

Track five- Master Winds.
Let your brain learn the techniques and elements of woodwinds, brass, or any instrument with keys and a mouthpiece. Get out your didgeridoo!


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