Memory Magic Hypnosis- Download- by Wendi Friesen

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Magnificent Memory
7 Hypnosis sessions that will make
your brain extraordinary!

Are you struggling with being forgetful?

Do you have trouble focusing and paying attention?

Does Test Anxiety leave you helpless to pass your tests?

Do you struggle to remember names,
even for people you know well?

You will love this hypnotic method to magically
give you a great memory.

It is time to sharpen your mental state.

Do you feel you have ADD?

Stop your struggle with ADD.
Focus and pay attention, and retain what you learn.

If you feel that you have Attention Deficit Disorder or you feel unfocused and unable to remember what you read, this will change how your brain holds information.

As you listen to the CD program you will notice that you start to have a sharper ability to recall information, and you think more in visual ways- the way people do who have a photographic memory.


Thanks so much for your hypnosis tapes. I have had writer's block for years and couldn't focus at all about anything. Now I am soooo focused when I work. It's a combination of your Memory Magic and Do It Now programs. It is UNBELIEVABLE the difference it has made. It's like I'm another human being all of a sudden!! I can sit and think for hours at a time! I love it. I haven't been able to do this ever! I wish I had these tapes when I was in third grade and spacing out the window in class and getting in trouble for it all the time. I wish I'd had them in college.

I haven't even mentioned that my house is clean, my files are clean and my taxes are paid. This is a shocking change. It's like the place has been taken over by aliens! But, you know, in a good way...nice aliens...whatever...

I would love to see you make a tape just for writers and writer's block and writing creatively!

Thanks so much!


Yes, you can end Test Anxiety for good!

Test anxiety makes it impossible to be successful in school and in work. Even though you know the information, it does no good if you cannot recall it. The brain simply needs the right anchors and triggers.

You will go into a deeply relaxed state, remove your test anxiety and then create a powerful instant recall trigger. Next time you take a test you will feel relaxed and focused. When you use your anchor your brain will go to a state of instant recall and you will amaze yourself.

Thank You Wendi,

It was basically a one day course for my workplace called "Nonviolent Crisis Intervention" training. We didn't have much time to study except for a 5 minute review at the end.

It was like a memory test where he put up the review on the board and then erased it. We had to fill out about 25 questions afterwards. I filled them all out (and then some).

I had like 2 hours of sleep before the course and was sooo tired (I don't drink coffee). Even though it was a small test I was happy that I got perfect on it !

Take Care!


Can't remember names?

I created an amazing hypnosis session that will make you an expert at remembering names. The way your brain stores the names will match them up perfectly with the face and the voice. Anytime you need a nudge you will just squeeze your earlobe (an anchor to recall the correct name) and the name will be right there, on the tip of your tongue where you need it!

(You can get in on the introductory price. (Save $20)
PLUS a bonus worth over $60. See below.)


Hi Wendi,

Let me start off by saying thanks and WOW. I have NEVER in my life experienced anything like being in deep hypnosis until I ordered some of your programs. I have tried a few hypnosis recordings before but you are far and away the most incredible hypnotic guide I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I sink so deep so fast and wake up at the counting, most of the time going so deep that I don't consciously remember anything except getting into a forest and then I THINK getting onto a beach with a cloud and spiral or something. other than that I'm open and just accepting deeply whatever you say into my mind. I don't know what you're saying but I do know that each time I hear your voice I go DEEP and INSTANTLY. Your stress hypnosis and deep trance training are great.



Clarity and Focus

First you will create a powerful state of retention and remember what you learn.
Before you study or attend a class or lecture, put yourself into this heightened state of focus so your brain will be able to absorb and retain what you learn. Increase your logically method of learning, increase your creative thinking, and prepare your brain to store the information in a way that is instantly available for recall later.

Instant Name Recall

Bad with names? Not any more. Once you learn this powerful method and put it into your brain hypnotically, you will be great with names. Just squeeze your ear, and discover how to easily recall names anytime, anywhere.

Test Anxiety

If you need to Ace your tests but you panic at the thought of being tested, you are about to experience something that will change your life. When you take your next test, you will be relaxed and ready. No matter how bad you used to feel, your anxiety is over! Yes, you will be able to recall the information that you know so well. Together we will create a powerful anchor that will help you relax and have the answers at the tip of your mind. Also, as a result of using this method you will be able to think more creatively and logically to create the best answers for your tests.

Mind Machine

This is my favorite mind expanding technique. When you learn to create mind machines, you will be able to master most any subject. Here is how it works. I will lead you through the process to create an imaginary machine in your subconscious mind to perform a mental function, like math or spelling or computing complex information. I will show you why this works and how to make your mind machines perform functions for specific topics. You can create many mind machines for several mental functions and connect them to share information. This makes learning and remembering so much easier and also improves accuracy.

Bonuses! Over $60 of extras.

Instant State of Focus
This is a fast session that will put your into a powerful state of focus, where you can stay involved in what you are studying. Absorb it, remember it, and make it clear and understandable. After you have the method you can do this in about 3 minutes and be ready to learn like a genius.

Memory Magic Pocket Therapist

These are a group of short sessions, about 3-4 minutes each. Each one is a fast blast for your memory.
Need to study or stay focused on a subject?
Need a fast boost to remember and recall information for a test?
Refresh your brain, de-stress and have great recall. All yours in three minutes.

1. Focus and Excellence
2. Instant Recall Trigger
3. Instant Focus - Double Voice session

Mind Machine for Great Spelling

Bad spellers are made, not born. When you were young and your teacher made you sound out the words, your brain decided that spelling was an auditory task. Now as an adult, you try to spell by sounding out words, and it doesn't work. This mind machine process will show you how to use a mind machine that works specifically for spelling. The process creates amazing accuracy and uses the brilliant unconscious resources that you know you possess!


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