Love Of Your Life- Hypnosis Download- by Wendi Friesen

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Love Of Your Life!

 Find Your Soulmate. Fall in Love. Hypnotherapy can help you find and explore the deepest core beliefs that might be holding you back.


Starting now, everything changes.

Message from Wendi:

It is amazing to think that you can manifest the love of your life simply by listening to my hypnosis audios. I have seen it happen for so many people and I would love to share some of the stories with you.

You can read Laura's story below.


Another client of mine found her soulmate just as she had envisioned it in her hypnosis session, and he appeared in her life in just three months- just as her wise sage in her Temple Of Wisdom session advised her. They are married now, and were recently on the TV show with Cybill Shepherd, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus- to tell their story. They were also on the Beyond Show to tell how hypnosis made them magically find each other. They are still married, it has been over 8 years! And madly in love to this day.

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Hello Wendi,

I am Laura. My testimonial is fabulous. I ordered the CD in May and put it to great use.  I met him and we both know we are soulmates. He is everything I put in that ball when I manifested him.
I met him within days of the date July 15. That was the day I put on there and that was our first date. Amazing- we know this is real. I saw all this before in the visualization. I highly recommend this for the whole world if you are looking for true soul mates
Thank you so much and I am a very pleased customer.

Laura in Charlotte NC

(I asked her for more juicy details, it made me smile! -Wendi)

Hi Wendi

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you, but I was on vacation last week and yesI was with my soul mate.

His name is Tony,here is our story.

By the way you are brilliant!!!!!!

I bought your CD's, for about 10 years I have wanted to study soulmates and I have bought books, but I am big on hypnosis too, so when I found your site I was so happy.

I put all my thoughts of my perfect man into the ball and sent it off. I even wrote them down and I put a red place on his shirt over his heart so I would recognize him when I seen him and then I put us in a room with glass walls and the music and date I wanted was before July 15 on July 11th I took my kids to local restaurant.

So I went over to talk to my friend Jamie and Tony shook my hand and said to me we were suppose to meet before now.

He asked for my number we exchanged numbers and he turned away from the seat and he had a red square on his shirt over his heart. My heart pounced a flutter of excitement knowing about my hypnosis.

We met at Chinese Restaurant, we took a walk and got some ice cream and then he asked me out again.

I don't know if you will understand, but then I remembered what I am suppose to do give and receive Love naturally, so we kissed and I felt like I was in heaven all night we have consummated our relationship. We are so much in Love that it is unbelievable.we are swept away with each other, sometimes we don't have to talk and we know what the other is saying, we look deep into each others eyes. When we are together we feel we are one.

When we touch it is like where do I end and you begin like we have loved each other forever.

He is everything I put in that ball of light. I truly believe in this powerful thing and would love for the world to know about it.

Thanks Wendi, I am so happy, I now am healed.  Before I was a battered wife. I suffered for 10 years and then decided to heal and found this CD.

I learned to let someone love me naturally and love back naturally and trust again and the best is yet to come. I am on top of the world.

Thanks a million.




Are you scared of sex?

If you had a sexual trauma in your past, you may have developed a core belief that intimacy means deep pain and you are unable to enjoy the bonding that comes with sex.

When a relationship starts to feel that you are going to be taking it to a new level, you might sense feelings of fear, hurt, anger or guilt from an issue of the past and shut down or resist getting closer.

While everyone would like to enjoy a fabulous and passionate love life, some people find it very hard to share their most intimate self.

How does hypnotherapy help to find your soulmate?

Hypnotherapy can help you find and explore the deepest core beliefs that might be holding you back.

During these sessions you will resolve the inner struggle and manifest the love of your life.

As you go into your future during your hypnosis sessions, you will actually experience yourself as lovable, worthy, beautiful, strong and deserving of love.

Every time you create and experience this future you are changing the way your mind focuses on love. You are creating the belief that you deserve love.

And after all, being worthy of love is a powerful and massively important aspect of finding your soulmate. Here's to you and the love of your life!


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