Living Large- Hypnosis for Men's Size and Power- Download- by Wendi Friesen

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Living Large
The most powerful and effective hypnosis program for Male Sexuality
Men's Sexual Health Hypnosis
Increase size and power of your erections.
Build sexual confidence.

Are you ready to become supremely confident in your sexuality?

Do you want to discover a deeper connection with your partner as well as increase your size?

You can do this and more!
Instant Download version

Dear Wendi- Your tapes arrived! Thank you. I am writing you to tell you that I have been listening to the hypnosis tapes for about a week. I know you said I would not see results for 4-6 weeks, but I have already. I am at least a half inch longer and much fuller. And only after a week. If this keeps up... well! Also, I want you to know what a wonderful state of trance I am in while I listen to these tapes. I have listened to many others, and they are usually bland and boring, or annoying. Your tapes have a depth and voice that is transforming! Thank you so much for helping me. I will let you know how the next 5 weeks go.


The Ultimate Men's Sexual Health adventure, for the seriously adventurous.
This new program includes 12 massive hypnosis sessions that will bring out your physical best!

Become confident about your sexuality, powerful and magnetic, and experience even more of the pleasure and passion that you deserve.

First, again thank you for your help with your penis enlargement tape. I am so happy with the result that every time ....
I want to stand up and say "It's true, it's true,"...

This program is a huge change from our original enhancement set. The music uses BINAURAL BEATS to get you deeper into trance.
The very special and powerful double induction is used to get you deeper as well.

What's Great About This Program

The cellular communication has more power, and the brain blueprint accesses the optimum state of the brain for creating growth and stamina.

You will also be able to release any old negative beliefs about size, heal your past sexual insecurities and create a very positive and powerful sexual attitude.

The purpose of this program is to give you confidence as a man, sexual power and control, and make you more connected with your lover.

This program does not refer to a gender when describing your sexual experiences and is good for straight or gay men.
Most men experience changes in their confidence level and in the size of erections.

The future time line session will allow you to experience your enhanced self, your new confidence and also use hypnosis to help you attract a sexually compatible lover.|
This program has a one year money back guarantee. We know you will LOVE this program.

Since this is a new program it is being offered at a special price.

Can't help gushing. I think the key, for me, is the way you eradicate any sort of mental negativity on the listener's part. You remove doubt and accentuate possibility. You make the enlargement seem desirable in a very loving way. BINGO. That was just the formula I needed. If it was a male voice, I don't think it would work as well for me, if at all. The idea of growing a large penis for myself and for a loving female is a very seductive and inspiring idea. Your voice very strongly represents that loving female.
(thank you Justin. You made my day!)


The ALL NEW Male Sexual Health program

Part 1
1 Introduction - how to use this program
2 Conditioning - Create cellular communication, anchor and initiate strength.
3 Deep Cell programming - Take the message deeper; experience the buzz of energy as you feel your cells respond.

Part 2
1 Introduction to Time Line
2 Past Time Line - release and heal insecurities from the past. Old fears, humiliation, or difficult sexual experiences will be healed and released.
3 Future Self - travel into your future and let your inner mind discover the changes in the confidence and staying power. In this future moment you will also experience yourself as a powerful lover, connected and secure and confident.

Part 3
1 Brain Blueprint – access the blueprint of your brain when it was in its peak state for creating growth. Make an imprint of this healthy and vigorous state in your body, and bring it to the present moment.
2 Brain Blueprint – Next, you will take the imprint for growth and move it through three future moments, at one month, two months and three months in the future. Your brain will lock the imprint in place to create a belief that you will expand your length and girth.

Part 4
1 Direct suggestion- single voice. Listen to this each night as you fall asleep, letting the simple yet powerful suggestions create growth as you sleep.
2 Direct suggestion- double voice suggestions. This one is a little freaky. Use it if you dare. Two voices, both Wendi's, with suggestions interlaced and in 3D motion all around your head. Sleep, if you can. This is a very powerful way to experience a deep trance state. You will be impressed.

Booklet Download

Order NOW. This is going to make a difference in the size of your penis, but even more important, you will notice your sexual confidence, spontaneity, and magnetism increase as you learn more about accepting and loving yourself.
I guarantee it!

Day 3 of my use of hypnosis enlargement program. Great system. Already gained 1/4". Either that or I am measuring wrong. But I swear my penis hangs fuller and longer in the flaccid state. It may be that I am holding less tension down there or something. I don't know. Seems to be working. Anyway, the tapes are great. Your scripts are great. And most of all your voice is great. You really are gifted. Amazing.I can't tell you quite how therapeutic it is to listen to a beautiful female voice talking about my penis. Particularly in a loving, stable, balanced, supportive way. The tapes are very reassuring. James R. - Long Beach, California

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