Just Say Yes- Weight Loss and Exercise

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Just Say Yes!
Weight Loss Magic- Instant Download

A unique Hypnosis method that will strengthen your commitment, create an amazing attitude and eliminate your negative inner voice.

TWO sessions on this program.

Session 1, JUST SAY YES- to eating healthy, loving small bites, eating slowly, feeling full after a few bites and stopping your sugar cravings.

Session 2, JUST SAY YES- to loving exercise, being super active, feeling compelled to workout, wanting a super strong and healthy body.

apples-in-waterHow does it work?

This session uses only my voice, no music. It is interactive, meaning that you need to consciously participate.

I will be asking you to say YES after I ask you a question.
As you hear the question you simply say "YES".
You repeat the statement with me next, as an affirmation.

You can say YES silently or out loud.
I think it is better to say it out loud since the brain stores information differently when it is spoken.

If you are listening on your Ipod or using it at work on your computer with headphones, you might not be able to say YES out loud, but just be sure to feel it with your inner voice.

The repetition  of saying yes to the questions creates a positive response that, with time, will replace the old reactions you had. The doubt, the fear, the lack of conviction... it all begins to melt away as you feel the strength of the YES answer coming from deeper and deeper within you.

Next time you look at a tempting food, or you are ready to inhale a burger at lightening speed, you will hear your inner voice repeating my questions gently with your own inner voice responding with a YES.

How cool is this?
I need to hear from you to know exactly how this affects you.

How do I use this?

Listen to this hypnosis session with your Eyes Wide Open!

Listen at your desk, listen while walking, listen while driving.

OR, put yourself in trance, close your eyes and let the words and statements be deeply embedded in your brain as you breathe and really feel the words!

You will be answering the questions in a way that creates a conviction about eating healthy and slowly, and loving to exercise.

You can be wide awake to listen!

Simply let your body and mind agree to the questions.

This method opens up an entirely new way of creating consistently positive reactions to the old messages.

This is such a simple, but powerful way to get rid of your nagging doubts, damaging self talk and feel completely different.
Your core statements create beliefs that determine your reactions to food and your decisions to exercise.

JUST SAY YES is about to change your core beliefs and make you feel an amazing sense of ease about eating healthy, slowly and in small amounts.
And you will watch your love of exercise soar!

Are you ready to end your nagging doubts, cravings, sabotage and feel positive about losing weight?


Just say Yes!

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