Stop Junk Food! Hypnosis Download- by Wendi Friesen

$19.90 $29.00

Was $29, now only $19 !
The Junk Food Junkyard
Two great hypnosis sessions. Stop eating junk food,  and Get Thin while you sleep/

You know the feeling, you drive by Jack, can almost smell Carl's, feel Mac calling your name... all of them taunting you... overriding every bit of your willpower.

This Hypnotherapy session will end of all your junk food cravings, desires, thoughts and needs.

You close your eyes and relax. I tell you a story.
Simple as that.
When you listen to this download you will begin to feel the raw power of sheer determination taking over, as you ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM past the Junk Food Junkyard.

Get your head screwed on straight once and for all.

It's all about the Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. Listen today and you will understand.

Get Thin While You Sleep-

Put this session on as you fall asleep and let your inner mind absorb the suggestions that will give you everything you need to be thin, healthy and vibrant.

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